Holiday lettings in Mommark on the island of Als

Mommark is an idyllic, tranquil and yet exciting fishing village on the island of Als in Southern Jutland. This is a haven in Denmark, and in Mommark you can rent cheap holiday cottages through Novasol. Mommark on the island of Als is one of the best known holiday towns in Southern Jutland. The countryside is fascinating here, with good bathing beaches and perfect conditions for fishing, walking or just relaxing.

The atmosphere in Mommark on the eastern side of the island of Als is enchanting and right by the town you find some of the cosiest areas with holiday cottages. At Novasol we let some of the best and cheapest holiday villas here and in the rest of Denmark. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can find a wide selection of holiday homes in the search overview on our homepage.

The lovely wooded areas around Mommark, the beach and the harbour are popular destinations, especially for yachters who come to the fishing village by boat. But the area is also a paradise for anglers. It is possible to fish from the coast from several streams and in Put & Take lakes quite a few places on the island. A number of fishing trips are arranged in the waters off the coast of Als the whole year round, and if it is difficult to get a catch, you can always go ashore and take advantage of one of the island’s golf courses instead.

No matter where you go on the island the countryside is beautiful and the varied landscapes provide a fascinating setting for going horse riding, on a walking trip, or on a bike ride.