Kids and Family Villa Holidays in Italy

Italy has been a beloved destination for family holidays since tourism really got gong in the 1960s. A country of remarkable natural splendour, charm and variety, Italy is the perfect destination to rent a family holiday home. From the northern Alps to the southern island of Sicily, there are plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy in Italy, provided by extremely welcoming Italians. Book your next villa holiday in Italy and bring the kids, they will love it!

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Culture and hospitality – Villa holidays in Italy

Italian culture is the envy of the world. Known for sitting in cafés, drinking fine coffee and eating delicious food, Italians are also extremely friendly and welcoming to visitors, especially families with young children. It is well known for owners of NOVASOL accommodation in Italy to go above and beyond for guests, sometimes leaving them delicious foods to enjoy on arrival.

Food – Self-catering in Italy

One of the best things about Italian villa holidays is undoubtedly the food. Italy has a great cuisine, and the commitment to simple cooking with fabulously fresh ingredients is what makes it so attractive for families. Even the fussiest of children will be able to find more than their fair share of wonderful pastas an pizzas, whilst the more adventurous family members can enjoy terrific seafood, lamb and much more. When self-catering, make sure you fit in one day of al fresco dining on the terrace of your villa, it’s the best way to feel truly Italian.

Family villas with a pool

If you are looking for a private pool on your next villa holiday, Italy is a smart destination. NOVASOL’s wide range of villas in Italy is full of homes with fantastic pools and garden areas. Villas in Tuscany in particular have excellent pools with fabulous views over the Italian countryside. These homes allow visitors to Tuscany to enjoy splashing about in the water without needing to visit the beach. Pools are also useful for cooling off in the hot weather, particularly in the south of the country.

Wonderful weather

One of the reasons why Italian villa holidays are so popular with families is because of the fantastic weather. In the summer, Italy can get very hot, especially in Sicily and Calabria which pick up the warm winds from nearby Africa. These regions are also very warm in the spring and autumn months and so make fun destinations for beach holidays during half-term. Villas in Italy in the northern and central regions tend to be slightly cooler than the south if your family is averse to very hot weather. And, if you are looking for snow and cold weather for an atmospheric Christmas market visit, head to Lombardy or Piedmont in the winter months and prepare to be enchanted.

Villa holidays in Italy for nature loving families

Italy’s beautiful countryside is both charming and romantic. Kids will love the majestic rolling hills surrounding villas in Umbria whilst Mum and Dad will find the small fishing villages of the Northern Lakes extremely enticing. Villa holidays in Italy have plenty to offer for nature lovers in the family, with many national parks to explore across the country. The largest of these is the Pollino National Park in the southern Apennine mountains where eagles, falcons and vultures can be spotted if you are lucky.

Beach days on family villa holidays in Italy

Just because your Italian holiday rental has a pool and a large garden, it doesn’t mean that you can’t also enjoy a fun day at the beach. Italy’s coastline is extremely varied from the picturesque coves of Sardinia to the wide open beaches of Veneto and Lazio. Whether you are looking for a shallow beach for young children, or large beaches with water sports and activities for teenagers, there is plenty to choose from in Italy. Villas along the coast have excellent access to the seafood restaurants that line the harbour towns and fishing villages of Italy, selling delicious seafood dishes as well as all the usual family favourites.

Charismatic cities for families to explore – Italian apartments

Rome, Venice, Milan, Palermo – you are spoilt for choice when it comes to magnificent cities in Italy. The country’s many historic cities are packed with things to see and are overflowing with culture. With NOVASOL, stay in an Italian villa nearby one of these remarkable cities, or rent an apartment to be right in the thick of it. NOVASOL has a great range of apartments in Rome, which are a wonderful way to feel the energy of the Eternal City, and apartments in Venice, full of romance and character.

History for children – Everyone loves the Romans

The romans are one of the first things children learn at school, firing their imagination and fuelling the lifelong passion many Brits have for studying the past. You can’t beat Italy for ancient history, and whether it’s the Romans, or the earlier Etruscans, or the even earlier the Nuragic people of Sardinia that interest you, there is plenty to see and learn on an Italian villa holiday. Families love visiting the colosseums and aqueducts which characterise many Italian cities, and then nipping into the local ice-cream shop for a treat afterwards. It’s a tradition for a reason!

Family villa holidays in Italy with NOVASOL

NOVASOL understands, as the Italians do, that quality is king and that good hospitality cannot be rivalled. All of our Italian villas are hand-picked to ensure that families and couples have the best stay possible. With such a large range, our holiday homes in Italy reflect the variety of this beautiful country, from mountain chalets on Lake Garda to seaside villas in Puglia. However you wish to spend your time in Italy, NOVASOL has a holiday home that will suit your needs.