City Breaks in Rome

Nowhere quite compares to the majesty and romance of the Eternal City. This bastion of Western civilisation is one of the finest places for self-catering in Europe, with loads to do, see and eat. One of best ways to explore the Italian capital is on a city break where you have the flexibility to pack in as much or as little as you want. Rent villas and apartments in Rome with NOVASOL to get the authentic Roman experience, mixing touristic attractions with comfortable family living.

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City breaks in Rome

Rome has been at the centre of the Western world for well over 2 millennia. The city, which expanded rapidly as the Roman Republic and then Empire developed, is filled with amazing monuments and structures such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon; each open for visitors to experience. Despite being sacked and pillaged many times after its fall in 476AD, and throughout its proceeding history, Rome retains is ancient character through its remaining monuments and inherited culture. When you aren’t walking around ruins or popping into churches on self-catering city breaks in Rome, you will likely be eating out in one of the dozens of squares and piazzas, enjoying the Roman way of life.

Apartments in Rome

Renting accommodation in Rome is one of the best ways to enjoy the city on a short break. NOVASOL has a strong mix of apartments available across the city, catering to different budgets and family sizes. Perhaps you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway – in which case we have a number of 1 bedroom apartments to suit your needs. From the convenience of apartments in Rome, the city opens up to eager travellers who enjoy the sites, both famous and lesser-known. Often, the beauty of exploring a city like Rome is discovering a small restaurant or a charming activity off the beaten track, building a personal connection between you and the city.

Apartments in Rome

History on Rome self-catering holidays

It goes without saying that while renting accommodation in Rome, there is plenty of history to discover. Up and down Italy, there are fabulous Roman monuments and ruins to visit, but nowhere are they quite so concentrated as in the capital. With so much to choose from, it is hard to fit it all into a short city break, but must-see sites include the Colosseum, the giant Roman Forum, the Pantheon. For those more interested in Renaissance and Baroque architecture, there are so many spectacular monuments spotted around the city within easy reach of apartments and villas. Italy has some of its most extravagant sculptures in its capital such as Trevi Fountain and those on the façade of the Basilica of St. John Lateran.

Culture on Italy villa holidays

Italy is known for its vibrant and enticing culture which is influenced, of course, by its romantic past. Italy doesn’t look back however, and today finds itself at the forefront of modern fashion, food and many other disciplines. To channel your inner Roman while renting accommodation in Italy, sit outside in one of the capitals many piazzas, and enjoy a delicious Italian coffee and pastry while watching the busy city rumble past. 

Visit the Vatican

A city break to Rome is not complete without a trip to the Vatican. Visiting for the first time, the elegance and energy of the Vatican, both outside in St Peter’s Square and inside the palace, are breath-taking. Within the palace, the most impressive pieces of art are arguably the works of Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which include the famous Last Judgement fresco. It’s a smart idea to leave your accommodation in Rome early in the morning to get down to the Vatican before the crowds really begin to build. When visiting from villas in Italy outside the capital, bring plenty of water and sun cream, especially if you have young children.

Nearby beaches

Apartments in Rome are not far from the sea; the ancient port of Ostia Antica is only 30km away from the centre of the capital. For thousands of years, Romans have escaped the heat of the city in high-summer by visiting the beaches in seaside resorts such as Ostia and Fregene. On sunny beach days, indulge in some fresh Italian gelato while having having a sunbath, letting the Mediterranean breeze cool you down before returning to the city. If this sounds more like your thing than the bustle of the city, why not rent Italian villas by the sea and visit Rome when you feel like it?

Day trips to Sabina

In the opposite direction to the coast, Lazio’s eastern countryside has so much natural beauty to offer visitors looking for a day trip away from Rome accommodation. The region of Sabina, to the north-west of Rome, is particularly beautiful with rolling hillsides blanketed in ancient olive groves. This region produces much of Lazio’s delicious olive oil and world-renowned wines. Atop two of Sabina’s hills, visitors find the elegant fortresses of Rochette and Rochettine, twin castles with fantastic views over the countryside.

Warm weather and delicious food on villa holidays in Italy

All city breaks are improved by great weather and wonderful food. Luckily, Rome has both of these in abundance, and they are best enjoyed while self-catering. Italy and its capital are famous the world over for simple, delicious cuisine with pizzas, pastas and all manner of dishes. Roman specialities include Maritozzi, a sweet bun filled with whipped cream; Allesso di Bollito, a slow-cooked beef dish; and classic Roman Carbonara – all worth trying when you are there.

NOVASOL apartments in Italy

NOVASOL has over 5,500 Italian villas and apartments. To ensure that we offer families the best value for money, all of our holiday home owners agree an exclusive lowest-cost guarantee with NOVASOL, so you can’t find our houses cheaper anywhere else. Whether it is chalets by the lakes of northern Italy or beachside villas in Sicily that you are looking for, NOVASOL offers plenty to choose from. These homes range in price and size, but to ensure they are all of highest quality before being offered for rent, our teams across Europe visit each individually to check that they meet our high standards.