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Seine Maritime is located in the Upper Normandy region of northern France. It is at the mouth of Seine and includes the cities of Le Havre and Rouen. At Seine Maritime you will be immersed in nature as this place has the magnificent sea, majestic rivers, colourful valleys and a lot more to offer. The cliffs are like a white great wall that unveils their wonder to everyone. It is also home to sixty different species of birds. Step out of the beaten paths and discover the secrets of Cote d’Albatre. You will be awestruck by the calmness of the river that gives you a sensation of well being. NOVASOL French holiday rentals in Normandy in Seine Maritime are a perfect example of peace and tranquillity. Here, you can see the landscape alternating between wild pristine beauties and sandy beaches at the base of impressive cliffs. This area offers various cultural activities, where you can take part in. It also has exciting museums that you should not miss.

Self-catering France in our medieval style properties

Seine Maritime just like the other areas of Normandy has several medieval castles that are located in old deep forests. All our self-catering Normandy villas are decorated in the medieval style that will give you a feeling of the golden era. They are lit with the help of massive floodlights, which is a sight in itself. Along the oceans there are many verdant parks that are beautiful to look at. Self-catering France villas by NOVASOL are located in a small settlement called Hougerville. It is on the Cote d’Albatre where you can find some of the stunning beaches. Etretat is quite well-known for its fascinating forms of cliffs that can be reached within half an hour’s drive.

Revive in our Gites Normandy

Our gites Normandy by NOVASOL have detached holiday homes located on a large terrain with lawns and meadow flowers. There are also parking spaces available, where up to four cars can be parked. So whether you are three people or more, we are sure to comfortably accommodate each one of you. The zoo might be located opposite of our villas where children will have an excellent time looking at the animals. The fields and the woods are nearby and it is quite a nice place for taking evening strolls. We have wonderful holiday lettings France in Seine Maritime, where you can have a relaxing holiday. Our extensive selection of villas range from one-star to five-star, so it will not be difficult to find something suiting your budget and requirements. We promise that you will get great value for money as we are experts in holiday rentals across Europe.