Holiday Lettings France in Drome

Stay in our holiday lettings France surrounded by lavender fields

Drome offers the most breathtaking vistas in Provence. There are numerous fragrant lavender fields that are intensely coloured. You can also marvel at the luxurious silvery olive groves that dot the landscape. Further to add to the beauty of this region, there are impressive mountain ranges and fertile valleys that seem to go on forever. NOVASOL villas in South of France offer spectacular views of these mountains from the terrace and even from the windows of your living room. Drome is a department in the south east of France and is named after the Drome River.

Things to do whilst self-catering France with NOVASOL

The main cities in Drome include Valence, Romans sur lsere, Montelimar, and Nyons. It offers a number of adventure and sport activities in which you can take part. Drome is also a lovely place to practice kayaking and canoeing. During the spring season, tourists can take part in river rafting as well. Our hand-picked range of holiday lettings France in Drome by NOVASOL are close to all these activities, where you can have fun and later come back to your villa and have some rest.

Villas in France close to the mountains of Drome

The mountains of Drome conveniently convert the entire region into a busy winter ski resort and the same place is enjoyed for trekking during the summer season. Therefore, whichever time you choose to visit, Drome, you are sure to enjoy the adventure activities happening around. All our villas in France are close to the main attractions, so wherever you stay, you are always going to be close to the town. You can either drive down to your points of interest, or engage in long strolls marvelling at the beauty of nature. There are a number of cultural activities that take place in this region and you should visit the old and beautiful churches when you are here. Local artisans welcome guests in their workshops, where you can admire their talent and also buy some of the art work.

Enjoy the charm of our cottages in France

All of our holiday cottages in France are elegantly furnished and filled with plenty of traditional charm. The grace of our villas is reflected in its comfortable sofas, wooden beams and a glazed patio. All our villas in Provence have an elongated swimming pool and are surrounded by a well-maintained garden. In this small town, we have small half-timbered houses and fountains that are perfect for you to spend your holiday. If you wish to walk along the banks of Drome, you will reach the IIe de Printegarde, which is a nature reserve with many protected species. So book your holiday today and be enchanted by the magnificent town of Drome.