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Holiday lettings in France at Chinon

Our range of holiday lettings in France in Chinon are located in one of the most beautiful areas in France. When you choose your holiday homes in Chinon, you will have the opportunity to explore the interesting culture and lots of historical monuments while at the same time discovering the high-end gastronomy in the area.

Holiday lettings in France - holiday homes in Chinon

 Chinon, history and wine - holiday lettings in France 

Starting from a holiday home in central France, you have ample opportunity to experience this city that is listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Chinon has been known as a city of wine on the river Vienne. Henry II, King of England, built the Château de Chinon castle in 1154 and in 1205 the castle became one of the royal estates. The castle was also Henrys II's absolute favourite homes. In 1418, Charles VII sought refuge in France in the area during the Hundred Years War. After the war, Charles VII often visited the city. The famous Jeanne d'Arc also visited the city back in 1429. The castle itself, however, has been partially restored and is the area's most important historical attraction. Alone that such great historical personalities have walked around the area gives the place a very special character and claim to fame.

The famous castles

You can not visit Chinon without exploring all the beautiful castles of the Loire Valley. From Chinon you will quickly come to a variety of beautiful buildings. Explore the Château Azay-le-Rideau and Chatonnière Castle, which has been inspired by Charles Perrault's history of Tornerose or Castles Villandry, which is famous for its beautiful gardens. Whilst staying in one of our holiday lettings in France in the area be sure to visit the castles and their spectacular and carefully cultivated gardens.

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Time to enjoy some quality time together in our holiday lettings in France

Take a trip to the Bourgueil area and lose yourself in the beautiful surroundings. No matter where you are along the Loire River, you will be excited about the ambience and beauty of the small villages, which are some of the most beautiful in France. Also, be sure to visit Candes-Saint-Martin and Seuilly, where you can see a beautiful old monastery. When you rent a holiday home in France in Chinon, there is plenty of romatik in the air. The vineyards, the small villages, the beautiful castles and the pleasant streets that invite you to relaxed walks with built-in breaks on the town square where you can enjoy a glass of cold white wine and watch your life.

Discover Chinon

Chinon, France's flowering garden invites you to enjoy a memorable holiday where the Loire Valley will reveal all the very best that it has to offer you. NOVASOL has an extensive range of handpicked holiday homes in France, so you will definitely find something to suit your needs. When you choose your holiday lettings in France with NOVASOL, you will have the perfect base for exploring and discovering.

holiday lettings in France in Chinon

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NOVASOL has 50 years' worth of experience when it comes to providing high-quality, hand-picked holiday homes in areas all across Europe, from holiday lettings in France to large villas in Croatia or wooden cabins in Norway, we are confident that we have something to offer just about everyone - not matter your budget, taste or size requirements.