Durbuy | Holiday Homes in Belgium

Run amok in the world’s smallest city

The city of Durbuy vies for the position of smallest city in the world. Located in eastern Belgium’s Luxembourg province, the petit city is favoured for holiday homes in Belgium by active families looking to challenge themselves with outdoor activities while also enjoying the beer, food and cultural attractions of the area. Well known for its timber-framed houses, Durbuy contains some of the most attractive cottages in Belgium and has had its beauty recognised by winning the EDEN prize for European Destinations of Excellence, in 2003.

Enjoy outdoor activities when self-catering in Belgium

Durbuy is one of the best places for active families to get muddy in Belgium. Rented accommodation works well for families who want to bring bikes or sports equipment on holiday and not worry too much about mess. Around the tiny city, there is a wide choice of activities to get stuck into from biking to zip lining and climbing. At the nearby Challenge Park, visitors can take on the obstacle course, or, for a gentler experience, families can enjoy a number of scenic walks such as the Forest Nature Trail which winds up the hillside beside the city.

Holiday homes in Belgium

Visit the world’s largest shrub collection from your Belgian cottage

Topiary Park in Durbuy is home to the world’s largest collection of sculpted shrubs. The 250-plus shrubs form one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city, and are easily visited from your Belgian holiday home, as is Durbuy Castle. Together, the two attractions help Durbuy to be one of the most majestic cities in Belgium and make it well worth the international accolades it receives.

Immerse in Durbuy’s food and culture while self-catering in Belgium

Self-catering is a smart way to enjoy the local food and culture of Belgium. Holiday homes can often give you that extra push you need to try something you would not usually eat, or buy a funny sounding cheese in the supermarket. Durbuy is well known in the region for its excellent cheese and beer, and a trip to one of the city’s ancient breweries is a must for all beer lovers. A few small artisan shops within the city also make wonderful local jams which are sold in local markets in nearby towns and cities all-year-round. A special food highlight of the year, as in much of Belgium, is the Christmas market where you will find locals and tourists indulging in the city’s specialties.