Villas in Pelion

The beautiful peninsula Pelion is actually one big mountain, where the small picturesque villages are scattered on green hillsides. The Peninsula, located between the Pagasitikos Golf and Aegean Sea, is in summer a beloved holiday destination especially because of the beautiful beaches. In winter, however, it is the ski resorts in the mountains that attract guests. The unusually lush area is almost paradise with a wealth of apple trees, oak, beech, gardenier, hydrangeas, camellias and, not least, the view of the turquoise sea. The largest city in the area is the lively port city of Volos, where there are a wealth of shops, restaurants and sidewalks. NOVASOL's holiday homes on Pelion are primarily located in the charming town of Portaria and the small fishing village of Afissos. Here you are not busy, on the other hand, you expect a number of authentic experiences when you meet a donkey caravan on the white cobblestone, wander in the beautiful scenery or enjoy a glass of white wine under the platinum trees on the square. Pelion is a great place if you would like to vacation in mainland Greece.

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Popular beaches in Pelion

The best beaches are on the north and east coast of Pelion, but there are beaches all along the coast.

  • Agios Ioannis: Perhaps the most popular beach on Pelion. Surrounded by cliffs with fine white sand and crystal clear waters, this beach is extremely beautifully situated. You can snorkel in the clear waters and study the underwater life by the small cliffs that rise up the sandy bottom.
  • Mylopotamos: Beautiful beach with white ral and very clear water. Here you can find shade under the pine trees or enjoy a cold drink at one of the small taverns or beach bars. The beach is divided into 2 by a rock where a small trail can lead you from one part to another.
  • Papa Nero: White sand and turquoise water await you on this beautiful beach, which in summer is very popular. It is here that you can consider bathing lifeguards and beach lovers, who smell the latest bathing suit.
Greek villas in Pelion

Charming villages in Pelion 

The small mountain village of Portaria is peacefully situated on a lush hillside and is characterized by traditional life. The stone-covered, narrow alleyways abound with flowers and on the small squares and places, you can relax with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while watching the local life around you. There is also a large, beautiful palace and a beautiful Basilica of the city. In the area around Portaria there are plenty of watercourses and waterfalls, which contributes to the idyllic atmosphere.

Affisos is located directly on the coast and the cosy fishing village has a relaxed atmosphere and a very special charm. At the garden are local taverns like beads on a string, and in the city streets you will find several specialty shops with local produce. The city is surrounded by a lush nature and there are a number of good beaches nearby, both official beaches and small coves, where you can be completely yourself.

Suggestions for excursions and activities

Visit Zagora, known as the "apple city", and see apple trees, chestnut trees and cherry trees in full bloom. Especially in spring, it's a magical sight when all the trees bloom. Take a trip with the old steam train Mountzouris through the breathtaking landscape. You cross not less than 12 bridges on the trip, which is an experience for both young and old. Take your hiking boots on and go out into nature on the close network of trails. You can actually go on the "tour de village" because the trails often lead from one village to the next, and along the way the mountain's secrets are revealed. In the beautiful gorges of Tsangarada you can try canyoning, the trip ends at the amazing beach Fakistras. There is also the opportunity to dive in southern Pelion, which offers diving trips and rental equipment.

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Holiday rentals in Greece

When you let a holiday home on Pelion form the frame of your holiday, there is a guarantee of authentic Greek atmosphere and unforgettable experiences of the kind. In NOVASOL, Greece has been on the program for some years. Currently, new holiday homes are available for rent in Greece, both on the mainland and the lovely Greek islands. The accommodations are all different, both in decor, size and price, so there will be something for everyone and for any holiday wishes.