Self-catering apartments in Crete

Greek getaways in Crete

Crete island is an ideal place not only for people who like water and beaches, lovers of nature and walks, but also for those interested in culture and history. Various places on Crete are a proof of the past reaching back over 6,000 years. Historical remains and excavations let ancient times come alive once again.

Many rulers left multiple traces of their rule on Crete. Turkish mosques stand beside Venetian palaces. On the south coast, in the town of Ierápetra you can feel the influence of Africa.

The inhabitants of Crete are considered to be very hospitable. Their life is simple and goes on slowly. It is very likely that you will meet an inhabitant of the mountains who will invite you for a glass of rakia to find out more about you. To get to know the island and its inhabitants you need to spend some time on it. A holiday villa or apartment is the best place to do it. During walks and shopping you can easily make contact with locals.

We offer self catering properties on Crete on the east, quiet side of the island, near the charming town of Sitia, in the nearby mountain villages of Adele and Prinos, as well as in the green west in the area of Chania.

No matter if you want a beach holiday or plan to get to know the people and the country, to see Knossos, the ravine of Samaria or Lassithi Plateau - there are endless possibilities for spending your holiday on Crete.