Holiday Homes in Holland with a Pool

Have you ever been on family holidays in Holland? This wonderful country is a fabulous place to visit, especially with young children who don’t like to travel too far and are keen to get stuck into some outdoor activities. In the summertime, when the weather gets warmer, renting villas with pools is a great way to keep the family happy, providing a welcome way to cool off and have fun on days when nothing else is planned. NOVASOL has a range of holiday homes in Holland with pools, so take a look and see if you can find your dream getaway.

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Villas with pools

Families will always tell you that no matter the weather, kids love a swimming pool to mess around in on holiday. On hot summer days, after a morning of activities or sightseeing, there is nothing better than returning to the refreshing water of a swimming pool to enjoy a dip before dinner. Nothing builds up the appetite after a larger than expected lunch like a swim. Although not a traditional pool holiday destination, NOVASOL has a number of villas in Holland with a pool for those who can’t resist having the option on holiday. Who can blame you!

Self-catering in Holland

Family holidays in Holland are perfect for active families who like lots to see and do on holiday. For cycling fans, Holland is one of the best countries in the world, with regions such as Limburg having specific bike routes from town to town, allowing for quick and safe travel. And, bringing bikes over on the back of the car couldn’t be easier. Holland is one of these easiest countries to get to by driving, either through the Eurotunnel or on the ferry. This makes self-catering in Holland ideal for holidaymakers who want to bring a lot of equipment with them on holidays, or have young children or family members who don't enjoy flying.

Private pools on holiday

Sometimes, a bit of privacy on holiday is just what you need, especially if you have young children. Lots of families choose to rent villas with pools to enjoy family fun away from the noise and eyes of other holidaymakers. Having you own space also means that you don’t have to worry so much about disrupting others and can play around to your heart’s content. Whether you are looking for a private pool or a shared pool, you can use the filter functions on our website to find holiday homes in Holland that are just right for you.

Holland accommodation with indoor pools

If your family wants to ensure poolside fun while self-catering in Holland, renting accommodation with access to an indoor pool is always a great idea. A number of our holiday cottages in Holland have access to a shared indoor pool, which can be a good backup plan if you are unlucky enough to experience bad weather. An indoor pool is also handy for parents who want to keep fit on holiday, getting up early for a morning swim before the kids wake up.

Holiday villages in Holland

If you are looking for a community environment on holiday, browse our range of holiday homes in Holland on specialist holiday parks. Here, families come together to enjoy excellent shared facilities while self-catering. NOVASOL has holiday lettings in parks across Holland, many of which have shared swimming pool areas for kids and adults to relax and make friends. If you have a small family, perhaps with just one child, this environment is perfect for meeting new people, as holidays can sometimes be a lonely time without people of your age to hang out with.

Summer weather in Holland

The weather is Holland during the summer is somewhat similar to that in south-eastern England – it can be glorious one day and slightly overcast another. However, this won’t put children off having fun in the swimming pool of holiday lets in Holland, they will enjoy splashing about rain or shine. With weather that isn’t guaranteed, it’s always a good idea to check the forecast thoroughly beforehand and pack appropriately. You don’t want to have a suitcase full of trousers and jumpers and arrive to find 30 degree temperatures.

Water sports in Holland

Unless you are staying right in the east of the country, holiday homes in Holland are rarely far from the water and exciting water sports. Famous for its canals and lakes, Holland has a strong water sports culture which can be enjoyed all-year-round, but particularly in the summer while self-catering. Rent holiday homes in Holland in the Waterrijck Marswâl holiday park to enjoy waterskiing and other activities will fellow holidaymakers. If you are driving over from the UK, its super easy to bring your own equipment and save money when you are out there.

Enjoy Dutch food while self-catering in Holland

As well as being a fun destination for outdoor activities, Holland is also a place where you can find some delicious foods which are unlikely to have tried before. From holiday homes in Holland, wander down to the local town markets and marvel at the cheeses on display. The most famous Dutch cheeses are Edam and Gouda, and these can be bought by the kilo in the famous cheese markets of Northern Holland. Self-catering also gives families the chance to try the country’s famous pancakes, which are larger and thinner than American pancakes but thicker than French crepes. On Dutch pancakes, however, diners enjoy all manner of savoury toppings from bacon to cheese. Of course, classic sweet pancakes are still very popular for desert, and are more scrumptious in Holland than anywhere else.


With over 50,000 holiday homes in Europe, NOVASOL offers plenty of choice for families looking for diverse and good value holiday lettings. Our range of Dutch holiday homes epitomises this effort, with fantastic options whether you are looking for an active, wellness or romantic holiday. With its close proximity to the UK, and the lowest-cost guarantee we agree with our home owners, you can enjoy fun family holidays in Holland without breaking the bank.