Croatia Holiday Apartments in Rab

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The island of Rab in the Kvarner Bay region offers great value for money. There is a stone age settlement whose remains can be seen in Lopar, the Rapska Fjera or Rab Medieval Week. Visit the costumed events that aim at recreating the customs, traditional crafts and the way of life dating back to the Middle Ages. There is an annual Jousting Festival which is quite famous. During this festival, there is an Old Crafts Fair and at traditional Knight’s Game Parade that offers sword fights, lance duels, bow exhibitions and falconing. This island offers a number of beach activities and other adventure sports. Horseback riding is also an important activity carried out regularly. Take part in nature tours to discover more about the island of Rab. NOVASOL Croatia holiday apartments are an ideal place to stay and explore more in this region. Rab has the most diverse landscapes in the Kvarner region.

Holiday rentals in Croatia close to the town of Rab

All our holiday rentals in Croatia are simple and functional. They are located in attractive areas above the beautiful town of Rab. You can have a partial view of the sea and some famous bell towers. The island of Rab is characterized by its beautiful rocky mountainous wooded landscape and many forests. The last oak forests of the Mediterranean basin can be found here. This region hosts the Medieval Festival in the oldest part of the town where events start early in the day and get over by midnight. Book any of our Croatian villas in Kvarner Bay and be a part of the wonderful festival of this region. There is no room for boredom in this area.

Holiday homes Croatia with a modern touch

NOVASOL holiday homes Croatia are spacious and modern. The island of Rab is one of the sunniest parts of Europe and is a perfect holiday destination for an entire family. A culinary speciality of the island is the Rab cake that you should definitely try while you are here. Rab has welcomed tourists for more than 112 years, which indicates that it is really an attractive and a worth visiting town. NOVASOL’s holiday homes in Croatia are a perfect foundation for a perfect holiday. Croatia itself is a popular holiday destination so we urge you to book your villas as early as possible. With NOVASOL as your holiday partner, you can have the dream holiday you and your family have always been thinking of. Our holiday lettings live up to the star ratings we apply. We have a strong base of properties anywhere in Europe, so matter what your choice will be, we are sure to fulfil your holiday demands.