Winter Holidays in Germany

Most British holidaymakers have been to France and Italy, but many have not yet ventured to Germany. This is a great shame as the central European country has so much to offer families, whichever time of the year you go. One period when Germany is at its most enthralling is during the wintertime when the markets open up in its towns and cities and cold weather activities begin. NOVASOL has a breadth of holiday homes in Germany, from its northern Baltic coast to the German Alps in Bavaria. Apartments and cottages across the country play host to thousands of families each year, who enjoy the attractions and atmosphere of each region.

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Winter holidays in Europe

Are winter holidays even better than summer holidays? It’s a provocative question, full of caveats about weather and beaches. But, winter is undoubtedly a time when holidays are most needed and have the largest positive effect on wellbeing. Travelling to Europe during the winter is so easy, as is renting one of NOVASOL’s holiday homes. Germany, Italy, Portugal and all of our European destinations have plenty of holiday lettings on offer throughout the year, including during the chilly winter months. Bring a hat and a coat if you are headed to northern Europe, and certainly a jumper of two for the southern Mediterranean, and prepare to enjoy a different kind of holiday with more activities and sightseeing.

Self-catering in Germany

Germany is a vast country, with great diversity across its regions. This means that picking where to stay is an important task, although you can always return next year and experience a very different environment. Holidaymakers also have the choice of a large range of holiday homes in Germany when booking with NOVASOL. From mountainside chalets to Black Forest apartments, beachside cabins to holiday villages, there is bound to be something that takes your fancy.

Exploring Bavaria

One of the best winter destinations in Germany is the south-eastern region of Bavaria. Apartments and holiday homes in Bavaria have easy access to activities such as skiing in the German Alps or exploring the many spectacular castles which spot the landscape. The highlight of the region in the winter are the festive markets which open up in major cities such as Munich, Augsburg and Nuremburg as well as in towns and villages. These are truly the best Christmas markets in the world with all the German touches you can expect. Order a hot Bratwurst and wash in down with some delicious German wheat beer. And repeat.

Winter holidays homes in northern Germany

Northern Germany is a lesser known tourist destination for UK holidaymakers. When thinking about German holidays, we often picture the markets of Bavaria or the museums of Berlin rather than beaches and coastline. The Baltic coast of Germany is long and diverse and contains plenty of history to discover while self-catering. Germany, and in particular its northern coastline, was a major location for cities in the Hanseatic League – which was a group of guilds and market towns which rose to prominence in the Middle Ages. Explore the original capital of the League, Lübeck, from holiday homes in Germany, marvelling at the gothic brick architecture as you go.

Christmas and festivities

When renting holiday homes in Germany during the festive period, why not get involved with the local traditions and customs? These include drinking plenty of Glühwein (mulled wine) and telling children stories of Krampus – the devilish sidekick of Santa who is let into the house by parents of poorly behaved children. Instead of Christmas cake, tuck into some stollen, a sweet German fruit bread, with family around the table of holiday rentals. Germany really is a wonderful place at this time of year, with an atmosphere unmatched for Christmas cheer.

Castle hunting from German holiday lettings

Germany is the best country in the world for visiting castles. These towering, magical structures are a joy to visit for families, especially with young children who will associate them with their favourite films and fairy tales. Germany’s most famous castle is Neuschwanstein, in southern Bavaria, which was the inspiration for the Disney castle among others, and looks even more enchanting with its buttressed dusted in snow. Visit from Bavaria apartments for a winters day out, but remember to wrap up warm as it is located right at the foot of the Alps. Alternatively, for a castle in reach of holiday homes in northern Germany, try Schwerin Castle which rises out of Schwerin Lake, not far from Lübeck.

Tropical World holiday village

Tropical World is a unique experience in Europe and the king of the German holiday resorts. The site, one of the largest covered spaces in the world, is home to an indoor beach, rainforest and temperatures which hover around 26 degrees all-year-round. NOVASOL have a large number of lettings in the holiday village here, from which guests get free access into Tropical world itself. Of course, you can also visit for the day while self-catering; the tropical environment does wonders during the heart of winter.

Winter food

German food can be described as ‘hearty’ at any time of year, but in the winter some of the most delicious and comforting dishes come to the forefront. While self-catering in Germany in the colder months, you must try Sauerbraten, which is a German pot roast made with beef and marinated in red wine and vinegar. For dessert, tuck into some stollen, or enjoy a slice of Black Forest gateau. Not to be forgotten is German beer, which is a very important part of the culture. Venture out to distilleries and specialist beer shops from holiday homes in Germany and pick up some presents for friends back home.


NOVASOL is the largest provider of holiday homes in Europe, and has a magnificent range of holiday rentals in Germany and Scandinavia. Renting accommodation provides families with the flexibility they need on holiday, and the chance to enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about making a mess or packing lunches. All of our holiday homes in Germany are hand-selected by our team to ensure that they meet our high standards and the requirements of our customers.