Winter Holidays in Austria

Few destinations in Europe are better suited to winter holidays than Austria. This landlocked, mountainous country has some of the best skiing in Europe, as well as delightful cities such as Vienna and Salzburg which are full of history and culture to discover. Try self-catering in Austria and rent a chalet on the mountainside and test your ability on the slopes. Or, rent Vienna apartments and see how many museums you can cram into a single week. Whichever aspect of Austria you choose to explore, we have a diverse range of cottages, chalets and apartments to make your stay extra special.

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Winter holidays

Winter holidays in Europe are increasingly attractive for those looking to escape the winter slog back home. It is so easy, these days, to jet off to somewhere more exciting at winter in search of sunshine or snow, whichever your family is after. Scattered across Europe are fun winter destinations which open up with markets and festive activities to be enjoyed on family holidays in the winter time. For snow, self-catering in Austria offers some of the best ski action in the Alps, as well as plenty of other attractions for those looking for a more relaxing break.

Self-catering in Austria

Austria is an up and coming destination for UK tourists who enjoy the incredible natural landscape and cultural offerings. NOVASOL has holiday homes all over Austria from the tranquil eastern areas surrounding Vienna to the high western regions in the Alps. Villas in Austria are great for active holidaymakers with plenty of opportunities for fishing in lakes and rivers, biking in the mountains, and, of course, skiing on snowy slopes. Despite getting very cold in the winter, particularly in high altitude areas, the country can be very warm in the summer, so it’s imperative you pack wisely and check the weather before you leave.

Skiing chalets in Austria

For those that love to ski, winter holiday homes in Austria provide easy access to some of the finest slopes in Europe. Bring your skis with you, or rent them when you are out there, and enjoy a refreshing break in one of NOVASOL’s chalets or apartments. Austria is a famous winter sport destination, so expect to see a wide range of slopes from beginners ‘blue’ slopes to plenty of daring ‘black’ descents. This environment is ideal for families who often need a lot of variation to cater for different ages and abilities levels.  

Other winter sports

If you like snow sports but aren’t that fond of shooting down the mountainside on a pair of skis, there are plenty of other icy activities in Austria to enjoy on family holidays. One of the most popular is snowboarding which can be enjoyed in snowboarding parks across the Tyrol region. Also popular are ice walking and sledding, which can be easily tried, providing you have the right equipment. After a cold day out in the open, return to your Austrian holiday home for a warm fire and a glass of wine before dinner.

Vienna apartments

In the far east of the country, the capital Vienna is one of Europe’s great cities, famous for its grand architecture and civilised way of life. While renting Vienna apartments, or visiting from holiday homes in Austria, the Hofburg Palace should be at the top of your itinerary. This magnificent building, once the centre of a proud empire, is home to a number of museums and is the president’s official residence. After exploring during the day, tuck into some winter cuisine before heading to the opera in the evening. Vienna is one of the best cities in the world for opera, providing you don’t mind the German script.

Salzburg accommodation

Salzburg is another fun city to visit while self-catering in Austria. Visitors enjoy walking around the old town, following in the footsteps of a young Mozart who was born in this very city. If you are a classical music fan, you can visit Mozart’s house which is one of the city’s main attractions alongside the Mirabell Gardens and Hohensalzburg Castle. In the winter, Salzburg apartments are also well-positioned for day trips to local ski resorts which are located in the nearby mountains on the German border.

Christmas in Austria

Like many of the central European countries, the run up to the festive period in Austria heralds the opening of some fantastic Christmas markets that van be enjoyed while self-catering. Austria, however, takes this tradition a bit further than most with cities such as Vienna having 4 or 5 festive markets going on at the same time! The markets of Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck are famous all over the world and draw thousands of foreign and domestic visitors each year. While renting Austrian holiday homes in the winter, participate in Christmas traditions by visiting the markets, singing the country’s famous carol ‘Silent Night’ and eating gingerbread men.

Austrian cuisine

The food of Austria is hearty and comforting by nature, making it even more delicious when enjoyed on winter holidays. The trademark dishes to tick off while self-catering in Austria include wiener Schnitzel, a breaded cutlet of veal pan friend in oil and butter; Goulash, a Hungarian import which is based around a slightly spicy beef stew; and apple strudel which is sold in bakeries and cafes across the country. When renting Austrian chalets in the Tyrol ski region, expect lots of cheese and meat as you would on skiing holidays, accompanied by eastern European touches such as pickled cabbage.

NOVASOL Holiday homes

Winter holidays are easy when you have plenty of holiday lettings to choose from. At NOVASOL we pride ourselves on offering families plenty of choice in location, price and specification. Browse our range of holiday homes in Austria to find the perfect accommodation for your family.