Last Minute Villas in Portugal

With warm weather for much of the year, delicious cuisine and plenty of cultural attractions, Portugal is one of the best destinations in Europe for last minute holidays. Whether you are looking for beaches and golf courses in the Algarve, history in Lisbon or rolling countryside in the north, there is plenty of variation in Portugal. Self-catering is a fun way to enjoy all this country has to offer, and renting villas in Portugal with NOVASOL provides families with maximum flexibility. Browse our range of accommodation today, and you could be sitting by the pool tomorrow!

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Self-catering in Portugal

Portugal is a popular last minute destination all-year-round, enjoyed by golfers, couples, families and all types of holidaymaker. The broad appeal of Portugal is testament to the country’s varied attractions and generous hospitality. Renting apartments and villas in Portugal enables visitors to immerse themselves in the Portuguese way of life, taking advantage of the flexibility that self-catering affords. Wander down to local restaurants, explore historical sites or lay by the pool – it’s up to you!

Last minute holidays

Sometimes you just need to get away and recharge those batteries. Taking a last minute holiday is a liberating experience, and one which is good for the body and soul. Self-catering in Portugal is a fabulous choice for a last minute holiday as it provides a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful scenery and warm weather. And don’t fear, NOVASOL has a wide range of villas in Portugal, so there is always plenty of availability no matter how late you leave booking.

Lisbon accommodation

Lisbon is a marvellous city, often overlooked in favour of other European capitals such as Paris, Rome and Vienna. This may be because Lisbon is not crammed with museums and art galleries like other capitals are, but instead focuses on promoting a relaxed environment full of restaurants and cafés spilling out onto pedestrianised streets. On a last minute city break, rent accommodation in Lisbon with NOVASOL and wander down to the fish restaurants each evening in search of fresh seafood from the Atlantic. On the way, don’t forget to pop into one of the city’s numerous historic cherry brandy shops, which serve the delicious liqueur by the shot glass into the early hours.

Villas in the Algarve

Perhaps Portugal’s most laid-back region, the Algarve is home to the nation’s best weather, beaches and golf courses. Located right in the south of Portugal, villas here bathe in warm weather for much of the year, including during the winter when temperatures are some of the mildest in Europe. People flock to the Algarve for last minute golf holidays, taking advantage of famous courses such as Palmares Golf, known as the ‘jewel of the Algarve’. The region is also famous for its expansive beaches, making it a popular destination for family holidays.

Accommodation in Porto

Very much Portugal’s second city, picturesque Porto is a joy to visit on last minute holidays. The city, located at the mouth of the Duoro river in the north of the country, is home to many intriguing traditions to indulge in, chief among which is port making which has been conducted here for hundreds of years. The delicious fortified wine can only be made in the Duoro Valley, and is stored and matured in vast chambers below the city before being shipped all over the world. While renting Porto accommodation, discover the city’s history by visiting its 12th century cathedral and the Monument Church of St Francis which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The region of Alentejo translates as ‘beyond the Tagus’, and is located to the west of Lisbon and north of the Algarve. Known as the bread basket of Portugal, villas here enjoy countryside vistas and delicious fresh produce from some of the most fertile areas in the country. From holiday rentals, visit the Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa in the east of the region and marvel at the grand architecture and marble interiors. If you are looking for a last minute countryside escape, with delicious wine and warm weather, this might just be the place for you!

Food and wine

Portugal is home to award-winning wines and delicious cuisine. Sit on the terrace of villas in Portugal, or in restaurant gardens, and sip on some of the finest wines in the world while tucking into tantalising dishes. As a historic sea faring nation, with the best access to the Atlantic of any European country, Portugal has some magnificent seafood dishes, particularly in coastal cities such as Lisbon and Porto. Further inland, towards Spain, holidaymakers will find more hearty meat dishes such as Codizo a Portuguesa – a scrumptious multi-meat stew. For a delicious treat at any time of the day, indulge in a Portuguese custard tart, which are best freshly baked in the patisseries of the capital.

Fabulous weather

Portugal’s reliably good weather makes it a fantastic option for last minute holidays in every season. Villas in Portugal are popular for family holidays in the summer months, and in the spring and autumn when the golf season is at its height before the weather gets too warm. If you are looking for a baking hot temperatures for beach and poolside lounging, villa holidays in Portugal are your best bet in Europe, particularly in the southern regions of Alentejo and the Algarve. 


As the largest provider of self-catered holiday rentals in Europe, NOVASOL provides families with plenty of options when booking last minute. With a focus on families and flexibility, we strive to provide high quality holiday homes in excellent locations. Our villas in Portugal, and across Europe, are selected individually by our team before being added to our portfolio, enabling us to keep standards high across our range. Browse our Portugal villas today, and see if anything takes your fancy.

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