Fishing Holidays in Norway

Norway is a quintessential fishing nation. A long history of navigating the sea has made fishing inland, on the breath taking fjords and out at sea an integral part of Norway’s culture. Much of the country’s modern wealth comes from its extensive fisheries and now off-shore gas, making the nation one of the wealthiest in the world. With self-catering holiday homes in Norway, you can enjoy the nation’s great fishing on family holidays. NOVASOL has a strong range of ‘fishing-friendly’ holiday homes in Norway, many of which have special areas for maintaining equipment and preparing catch.

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Sea fishing on Norway’s fjords

The Norwegian fjords dissect the west coast of Norway to form some of the Europe’s most beautiful natural landscapes. The water in these fjords is extremely deep and perfect for sea fishing. The most common fish to be found in these waters is the cod, although haddock, mackerel and many other fish can also be caught. Rent holiday homes in Norway on the fjords and find out for yourself how abundant the fishing here is. If you fancy yourself as an accomplished angler, enter the Cod Fishing World Championship, held in Lofoten each March. NOVASOL has accommodation in Norway in this northern region, if you can handle the chilly March weather.

Møre og Romsdal – Norway’s fjord region

The county of Møre og Romsdal is located in the north of an area known a ‘fjord Norway’ and has many fantastic opportunities for holiday fishing. Romsdalfjord itself is one of the most gorgeous in the whole of Norway and has a diverse array of wildlife to spot when you are on the water. On the western coast of this region can be found the charming town of Ålesund which spreads itself across a number of islands, split by winding canals and connected by picturesque bridges. Renting accommodation in Norway on the fjords, anglers catch the common fish of Norway but also venture to nearby rivers which are alive with Salmon at spawning time.

Freshwater fishing from holiday homes in Norway

Norway has some of the best freshwater and lake fishing in the world – without a doubt. Norwegians are very fond of fly fishing in the country’s abundant natural countryside, which remains unspoilt in comparison with much of Europe. The first thing many people notice on fishing holidays in Norway is the quality of the air, water and, as a result, the fish. Holidaymakers leave Norway holiday homes early in the morning and head down to the lakes and rivers which are common, particularly in southern Norway. Trout, Perch and many other species of fish can be caught in Norway’s fresh water, for which competition is scarce.

Atlantic Road fishing – self-catering in Norway

The Atlantic Road is a charismatic symbol of Norway, meandering over and through the incredible fjords which dominate the west coast. The road is an emblem of the Norwegian spirit which is strong and respectful when facing the challenges of nature. In linking fishing towns along the Atlantic coast by better road connections, the road, which began construction in 1983, has opened up many areas for holiday homes in Norway and holiday fishing opportunities. On either side of the long route, holiday homes have sprung up on the little islands and inlets for boating and fishing holidays.

Fishing in the winter

Norway’s peak fishing season may be in the summer, but fantastic angling can be found all-year-round. For the largest, most impressive fish, winter is by far the best period for self-catering. Norway benefits from the Gulf Stream during the winter months which keeps the fjords relatively ice-free; a perfect environment for catching some of the largest fish in Europe. The winter period is also a fabulous time to go whale watching from holiday homes in Norway. Families flock to the coast to see humpback and killer whales which feed just off the shore during this season.

Spring fishing from Norway holiday homes

Whereas the winter may be a time for catching the biggest fish, spring is a time of abundance when the cod are spawning and the weather is improving. Spring is a great time for fishing holidays, and a wonderful time to rent holiday homes in Norway, as the snow and ice begin to melt and the mornings start to get brighter. Lighter, warmer mornings enable anglers to get out onto the fjords earlier and track down the biggest fish. Luckily, spring in Norway is often the driest season of the year, making it a very pleasant environment for outdoor activities.

Eat Seafood on family holidays in Norway

Catching fish is fun, yes, but eating the fresh seafood that is pulled daily from Norwegian waters is perhaps an even bigger treat. While self-catering in Norway, families enjoy fresh seafood of every type from scallops to herring to Lobster and wolfish. Whether you are looking to eat the freshest, tastiest examples of your favourite fish, or try new seafood, the place to go is Norway. Self-catering across the country, you will enjoy the wonders of Norway’s cuisine which includes a plethora of smoked salmon dishes and tasty treats such as rhubarb pie.


NOVASOL’s history is deeply intertwined with holiday homes in Norway. On our creation, over 50 years ago, NOVASOL began as a business selling holiday home rentals in Norway to our Danish customers. Norway is a country of extreme natural beauty which millions of people from northern Europe flock to every year for nature, fishing and other activities. Demand for Norway holiday homes proved strong enough over the last 50 years for NOVASOL to expand its destinations to 28 European countries and counting. All of our accommodation in Norway, and across Europe, is selected by our teams and visited before being offered to rent. This helps us to maintain high standards across our range of homes and gives families confidence when booking with us.