COVID-19 Status

The global COVID-19 pandemic is causing border closures around the whole world.

This is an extraordinary situation. At NOVASOL, we do everything we can to help our guests with an early arrival across all of Europe.

We help all our guests during the upcoming days. This means that we are really busy and you may have difficulty getting in contact with us. Don't worry, though; we will deal with all your cases.

Below you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this situation

COVID-19 - If you made a booking
You have booked a holiday home, but the border of that country is closed. What now?

We offer free rebooking to all our guests who are directly affected by the border closure.
This means you can book the same holiday home with a later arrival date in 2020.

Can you book another house?

We offer all our guests to book the same holiday home, with a later arrival date in 2020.

However, if the holiday home is already booked for the new desired week, we offer you to book another house either through NOVASOL or Dansommer.
If the new holiday home is more expensive than the original one, you will have to pay the difference yourself, while we won't offer any refund of the difference if you choose a cheaper house.

The new booking is cheaper or more expensive than your original one. What does that mean to you?

You have to pay any difference you may have. If you choose to rebook for a week when the price is higher, you will have to pay the difference, while you won't get a refund if you choose to book for a week when the price is lower.

Can you get your money back?

We refer to our normal rental and cancellation policy as refunds are dependent on the time of arrival.

Keep in mind that we extraordinarily offer free rebooking for a later arrival date in 2020.

I can't find an answer here. How do I contact you?

To get detailed information about the options available to you in this situation, please contact our customer service center at or on +4539143555, and our customer service will do their best to help you.

Please note that due to the exceptionally high volume of calls, longer waiting periods may occur.  

We are working as fast as we can, and thank you for your patience. 

For all other questions in regards to your booking, please refer to our general terms and condition on: