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Menorca is much smaller than its sister island Majorca, providing an incredibly peaceful and far less crowded experience in comparison. This is your chance to rent villas in Spain on a magical island with sun-splashed shores, charmingly ambient cities and a marvellous landscape featuring undulating hills and a long coastline of glorious white sandy beaches. Menorca is ideal for lazy seaside breaks and walking holidays, for couples seeking a romantic getaway, or, equally, for your next family adventure. Consider NOVASOL holiday villas in Menorca, and fall under the island’s captivating spell.

holiday villas in Menorca

Spain villa holidays in a natural paradise

With its exquisite rural scenery and range of flora and fauna unique to the island of Menorca, it is no surprise that in 1993, UNESCO declared this destination a Biosphere Reserve. This makes Spain villas on the island very special, as it gives access to the wonderful nature here on one of only 411 Biosphere reserves on the entire planet! With a more temperate climate than can be expected at villas in Majorca, Menorca enjoys a variety of different plant species such as the wild olive tree, pine trees and fragrant rosemary. Egyptian vultures, rabbits, pine martens and tortoises can also be found on excursions from holiday lettings!

Culture and cuisine – Holiday villas in Menorca

Menorca is full of delicious culinary surprises with its abundance of fresh seafood, flavourful local cheeses, regional sausages and home-grown vegetables. Treat yourself to the island’s signature dish of lobster casserole and try mayonnaise at its birthplace, Mao, after a long day of seeing the many cultural sights. Enjoy getting to know the locals and learning of their traditions, soaking up the atmosphere at the bustling harbour and seeing the Museum of Menorca and the Gothic cathedral and museum there. NOVASOL can take you on cheap holidays that are so rich in culture and cuisine – simply search our holiday villas in Spain.

Things to do

In Menorca you can try something a little different but without sacrificing facilities, activities and amenities that make renting holiday homes easy and enjoyable. The beaches themselves provide ample opportunities for fun – go swimming in the turquoise waters of Cala Macarelleta or learn to windsurf in the shallow Bay of Fornells. Walking is also a fantastic pastime in this natural haven, whilst marked trails also make the island suitable for horse-riding and cycling along the beautiful coast. For relaxation, return to your cottages with hot tubs or pools to unwind. For more island adventures, also see our villas in Canary Islands, where the adventure continues!