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Spodnjeposavska is a region in the central-southern part of Slovenia on the border to Croatia, on the lower reaches of the longest Slovenian river Sava.  Spodnjeposavska statistical region is part of the Pannonia cultural area. There is rich culture to discover and enjoy whilst self-catering in or Slovenia accommodation in the region, which is greatly influenced by the compelling culture of the country's neighbour, Croatia (eg. wool clothing) and food culture (eg. Use of peppers and pumpkin seed oil), pottery and art design (ornaments), music and dance tradition.

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Let Slovenia surprise you - Slovenia accommodation

The entire country of Slovenia is fantastically beautiful and filled with areas of completely unspoilt scenery.  You will also find during your stay in our self-catering Slovenia accommodation that there are lots of opportunities to get outdoors and explore some of this natural beauty as Slovenia is ideal for an active holiday.  The Spodnjeposavska area is famous for its vineyards, spas and rich cultural attractions.

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Natural beauty and unique cultural experiences

Spodnjeposavska, meaning "Under Sava" in Slovenian, is located at the bottom of Slovenia's longest river, the Sava River. Two other major rivers in the area are the Krka River and the Sotla River.  The Krka River, the second longest river in Slovenia, flows through the region Spodnjeposavska and Jugovzodod Slovenija, which connects major cities. Spodnjeposavska is known for its mountainous vineyards of the Posavje wine region, which we would definitely suggest visiting whilst staying in our Slovenia accommodation. This region includes the wine Dolenjska and Bela Krajina from the region Jugovzhodna Slovenija.

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Experience unexpected culinary delights whilst self-catering Slovenia

In Spodnjeposavska the vineyards of Bizeljsko produce both white and red wines. The Rajhenburg Castle in Brestanica has the Posavje wine gallery.  One of the many benefits of self-catering is that you will have the chance to enjoy a more authentic taste of the local way of life as well as the regional cuisine as you can visit local restaurants and sample the traditionally heart-warming Slovenian cuisine, pick up fresh produce at a market or supermarket in order to produce a home-cooked meal for yourself in the evening.  The region also has the best Riesling Laski. The wine roads of the region offer good culinary tastings and wines that will make the visit of Spodnjeposavska a lasting memory!

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Relax at Slovenia's thermal baths within reach of your Slovenia accommodation

The various rivers in the region contribute to the significant development of Terme Catez, the largest thermal baths in Slovenia. The Terme Catez complex is one of the most visited baths in the country and we would definitely recommend a relaxing afternoon spent here during your stay in our Slovenia accommodation. The medieval castle Mokrice is part of Terme Catez and has a beautiful 18-hole golf course.

Things to do from your Slovenia accommodation in Spodnjeposavska

Near the beautiful village ob Savi Catez is the longest bridge in Slovenia across the river Sava.  The Savnica Castle in the beautiful city of Sevnica contains several collections.  The city of Krško is the birthplace of Trubar, author of the first book in Slovenian.  One of the largest centres of Slovenia, Brežice, lies at the confluence of the river Sava and Krka. The city offers many different activities. Every year the popular SloFolk Slovenia International Folk Festival is held in Brežice and provides a unique insight into the unique Slovenian culture for anyone who wishes to learn more about it. The Posavje Brežice Museum has an impressive hall and is located in the castle of Brezice.

Sights and activities to enjoy from your Slovenia accommodation

Many beautiful outdoor activities and natural monuments are along the Sotla River. One of the most impressive examples of the nature is the pristine forest of Krakovo with various species of rare birds, should you decide to take part in a spot of bird-watching!  The Kozjanski Regional Park is a nature reserve with many interesting and beautiful hiking and cycling routes for you to enjoy whilst self-catering in our Slovenia accommodation.  The small town Svete Gore, which means holy hill in Slovenia, is one of the oldest pilgrimage centers in Slovenia for its Church of St. Mary. The city dates from Roman times and the remains of Neviodunums, an old river port, can be seen. Nearby is the Ajdovska Jama, a cave containing many archaeological finds.