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The eastern part of Slovenia is characterized by idyllic vineyards and dreamy villages. The region is also known as ‘Styrian Tuscany’, which provides excellent white wines and delicious cuisine. Get to know all of these sights during your holiday in our self-catering Slovenia accommodation in the neighboring region and Pomurska Savinjska!

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Indulge in Slovenian cuisine whilst self-catering in Slovenia accommodation

The cuisine of eastern Slovenia in Pomurska is already strongly influenced by the neighboring country, Hungary. Here you can feast on every spicy chili dish and goulash and enjoy an authentic taste of the heart Slovenian cuisine. In the Upper Savinja valley, the region's specialty - Zgornjesavinjski želodec - is produced by several centuries of tradition, air-dried pork, you should definitely try it! For dessert, it is typical of the country to serve Prekmurska gibanica, which is a layered cake with poppy seeds, walnuts, apples, raisins and ricotta filling. In addition, you can treat yourself to traditional plum brandy, Šljivovica.

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Unwind in the thermal baths and spas of Slovenia

The Pomurska region of Slovenia is mainly known for its thermal baths and spas. Special highlights include the Natural Health Spa Radenci, which boasts a 120-year-old tradition and its famous mineral water; the Terme 3000 with numerous water attractions; and the popular Thermal Riviera that has a water area of over 5500 m². The complex is beautifully situated in the wooded Gorjanci mountains and well worth a visit during your stay in our self-catering Slovenia accommodation. It is filled with saunas and fitness facilities, swimming pools, a fountain, a waterfall and an artificial lake, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind during your holiday.

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Hiking and activity holidays in Pomurska - Slovenia holiday cottages

In Pomurska, the hills and vineyards around Ptuj are a recommended trail because the climbs are manageable and nature is particularly beautiful. Also worth seeing are the apricot gardens and the wine routes to Lendava on the border with Hungary. If you enjoy being active and exploring the local natural surrounding during your self-catering holidays, then our Slovenia accommodation in Pomurska might just be the right choice for you!


We start our tour through the Pomurska Radenci. Visit this spa town in the far north-east of Slovenia during your holiday in our Slovenia accommodation. The area inspires its visitors with historical buildings, a traditional thermal spa and the picturesque wine region, ideal for walking and generally slowing down and savouring life's little pleasures..


Further south we come to Jeruzalem, which is considered one of the most beautiful wine villages of the region. This area is perfect for both wine-lovers and lovers of the outdoors during their holidays in Slovenia accommodation by NOVASOL. Surrounded by idyllic vineyards is also the Dvorec Jeruzalem, a wine chateau from the 17th century, which supports many archive wines in its cellars.


Not far away, among the vineyards is Ormož, is the former center of the wine region. Above the town on a hill stands the Castle of Ormož, which invites you to visit its beautiful sights and learn something about the Slovenian history whilst renting our Slovenia accommodation nearby.


To top off your tour of the many delights this region has to offer guests in our self-catering Slovenia accommodation, we will visit Slovenia's oldest town, Ptuj. It lies on the river Drava and impresses everyone who visits - especially with its monumental old town. In addition, you can visit the oldest wine cellar in Slovenia - it’s a whopping 750 years old!