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Alentejo has been hailed as the ‘Tuscany of Portugal’ because of its lovely scenery, relaxed atmosphere and delicious traditional food. Villa holidays in Portugal are primarily popular for access to wide, sandy beaches with bays and coves that hug the coastline. Alentejo doesn’t fall short here. The coast is rugged and bold with broad swathes of beach left almost undisturbed by the flocks of tourists that head to more popular regions like the Algarve. The sea is not just for admiring, although you could lose hours doing so, as there are also countless opportunities for swimming, surfing, and even fishing during your family holidays.

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Portugal villa holidays in Évora

Évora is the capital of the Alentejo region and the Historic Centre includes a number of monuments from a variety of periods in time. Although many history buffs flock to apartments in Porto or Lisbon, this UNESCO World Heritage Site city has its roots in Roman times and includes a Roman temple, an aqueduct, as well as several buildings from the 16th and 18th centuries, a beautiful cathedral, prehistoric standing stones and the Chapel of Bones. Also delightful are the painted houses and cafes that line the streets, giving Évora a relaxed charm. Be sure to pay a visit on your villa holidays Portugal.

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Villas Portugal in the countryside

Alentejo has all the rustic subtlety of a countryside gem. Those who enjoy walking or simply being in the great outdoors on their villa holidays in Portugal will find themselves speechless at this incredibly beautiful landscape, dotted with wildflowers and small, whitewashed houses. Marshlands, wheat fields and wild herbs growing characterise this destination, whilst the flatness of the land makes cycling, hiking and horse-riding a pleasurable experience. You don’t even need to leave your villas Portugal to appreciate the tranquillity of nature here – try bird watching or stargazing from your country cottages.

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Cuisine – villa holidays Portugal

Alentejo enjoys a big and fertile landscape, which is so agriculturally rich that it produces almost half of Portugal’s wine! Portugal villa holidays only feel complete if you have explored the gastronomic delights that are found in this culinary hotspot. Find a small restaurant in Évora on cheap holidays and feast on a magnificent spread of olives, sheep’s cheese, black pork, wild mushrooms, baby squid and asparagus with a sweet custard tart to finish. Amongst other favourites of the Portuguese cuisine are succulent lamb and goat stews, whilst the Alentejanos also have an incredibly sweet tooth. Desserts are largely egg-based, whilst candied plums and sugary tiborna cakes studded with cherries are also enjoyed.