Holidays in Salamina

Salamina is the largest island that is part of the Sarońskick Islands archipelago. It is located in the Aegean Sea. The capital of the island is the city of the same name. The city of Salamina is located near Paloukii, the main port on the island. The port of Piraeus is only about one nautical miles from Palukii - thanks to this, during your stay in Salamis you will be able to arrange an all-day trip to Piraeus. The island is dominated by upland land, in the southern part there are pine forests. Apart from tourism, the inhabitants live here from fishing, viticulture, olives and grain. Salamina will not disappoint both the lovers of lazing on the beach and lovers of active rest. We invite these first to the wonderful sandy beaches of Iliakti, Kanakia, Peristeria and Moulka. The latter, in turn, encourage you to learn about the history of the island and discover the monuments here, ie the convent of the Virgin Faneromenia. NOVASOL offers well-equipped holiday homes, often with swimming pools and a private plot of land. A holiday home on Salamino is the perfect start to your holiday.


Holidays with history

The name of the island comes from the name of the nymph Salamine, who was the mother of the first king of the island. According to another source, literally means "a place among salty water". The first inhabitants of Salamis were Phoenicians. In 612 BC the island was conquered by the Athenian army. According to records on Salamis, the market square and temples of Aiakos, Artemis and Dionysus were located at that time. On the island were born, among others the mythical hero Ajaks and the poet Euripides. However, the most-known event of the so-called the battle of Salamis took place here in 480 BC, when in the Strait between Salamis and Piraeus, there was a battle with the Persians who lost. In 1899, an array of accounts was found here, most probably used by the Babylonians. The island can be reached by ferry from Perama and Megara. The most important monuments can certainly include the monastery of St. Nicholas Lemon. Salamina is a popular holiday destination, often chosen by the residents of Athens and Piraeus. In the high season, there are up to 300,000 people on the island, while there are no more than 31,000 inhabitants permanently. With a good tourist infrastructure, Salamina is an ideal destination for holidays in the Saronic Islands.


Amazing cities

In the bay of Salamina, cafes and shops are waiting for tourists. Most shops and cafes are in Agios Nikolaos. There are many cities worth visiting on the island, perfect for holidays in Greece.

Paloukia - located in the north-eastern part of the island. There are moored ferries, police patrol boats and fishing vessels. Most of the tourists arriving to the island reach the port of Poloukia.
Batsi - a small town in the north of the island. There is an archeologically important cave. The Athenians rest most often in Batsi.
Aianteio - it is worth visiting the oldest church on the island of St. Jan Kalyvitis from the tenth century and the monastery of St. Nokolasa from the eighteenth century.
Peristeria - a small place where you will find peace and quiet.
Vasilikata - there is a long sandy beach with excellent conditions for swimming.
Kynosoura - a small peninsula in the eastern part of the island. It is believed that there is a burial place here fighting at the battle of Salamis. There is a shipyard nearby, where ships, tankers and container ships are repaired.