Northern Sweden

Holidays in Northern Sweden

Experience the stunning and peaceful Swedish countryside with a holiday home in Sweden. if you are dreaming of a self-catering holiday amidst magnificent and unspoilt landscapes and wildlife, then a trip to Northern Sweden be a perfect opportunity for you! Here there is something for everyone, whether it be a romantic wekeend away from everyday stress, of an accommodating cottage holiday for the whole family. In Norrland find some of the best holiday rentals in Sweden, all of which are less than a stone's throw from the unique nature and picturesque nature found in this region.

Family activities in Sweden

Take a much-deserved holiday in Northern Sweden and enjoy the complete tranquillity and pure air that surrounds you as you enjoy the endless daylight hours of the summer months or cosy moments enjoyed in front of a crackling fire at your Swedish accommodation in the winter. On the journey through the endless expanses you can encounter new nature experiences on foot, by canoe, mountain bike or horseback, something the whole family can participate in. Northern Sweden is an important part of the Swedish cultural heritage, and here the scenery and traditions, who meticulously protected and cared for by the lokle society. Norrland is certainly an experience and a holiday worth taking - something different than what you may get with our Stockholm apartments.

Popular holiday destinations in Northern Sweden

Northern Sweden or Norrland, as it is called locally, consists of several different areas. With NOVASOL you can rent Swedish rentals in Gästrikland, Hälsingland, Härjedalen, Medelpad, Jämtland, Ångermanland, Västerbotten, Norrbotten and Lapland. Since 2000, the region counts the High Coast in southern Norrland to the world cultural heritage. Ragunda in Jämtland has a special little unexpected attraction to offer: A Thai pavilion. This magnificent edifice with gold and mosaics was created in the 19th century to commemorate King Chulalongkorn of Siam and is well worth a visit, although anywhere you rent a direct holiday home in Sweden is a wonderful place to go.

Experiences and activities on your holidays in Northern Sweden

In summer, enjoy nature from the many hiking trails, and dinner retrieved fishing waters. Enjoy forest holidays in Härjedalen where you can also paddle, mountain bike, climb mountains or learn river-raftingens art. The wildlife is diverse, and there are good chances to see bears, moose, wolves and the elusive beaver. There is always something to do for when you are on holiday in Northern Sweden, and it need not always be costly to have fun. Nature in Northern Sweden likely to make it a great playground for big and small. From your cabin or cottage will never be far from fun and challenging attractions and experiences in Northern Sweden.

Year-round self-catering holidays in Sweden

In Hälsingland in the summer there are many dance competitions and golf players have a good selection of courses to test their skills on, whilst celebrations like the traditional crayfish parties make summer holidays in Sweden plenty of fun. In winter, Norrland becomes a true paradise for skiing. Here you will find excellent conditions in the well-known ski resorts of Åre, Duved, Storlien, Hemavan, Vemdalen and Riksgränsen. Despite the snow, you will find plenty of things to do in Sweden in the winter. The now world-famous ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi was born in this region, where you can take a cold drink at the ice bar whilst viewing the amazing ice sculptures or visit the world's oldest market with an unbroken tradition of 400 years!

Local specialties in northern Sweden

The fresh cold air gives appetite and Northern Sweden has a variety of amazing delicacies to offer. Try the array of gamey meat dishes like roat caribou and moose with a hearty side of mashed potato to warm you up on a winter holiday in Sweden. Fish lovers must sample locally caught arctic char and salmon, whilst the different wild-growing mushrooms and berries can tempt anybody. However, only the brave open their mouth for the Northern Swedish specialty surströmning, which are different fish preserves. There is a wealth of things to experience, see, try and taste in Northern Sweden, so be sure to rent a Swedish holiday home this year.

Service – Why NOVASOL?

Holiday homes in Sweden are the perfect retreat for those wanting to discover this Scandinavian paradise and all the treasures it has to offer. Being a company based in neighbouring Denmark, NOVASOL is well-equipped to offer advice and a large variety of holiday rentals in Southern Sweden and Northern Sweden. At NOVASOL we are experts and Scandinavia's largest in holiday rentals. Click the green button and see our wide range of cabins and cottages in Sweden. Here you can find just the house that will give your family the best holiday experience! Book it easy and safe today through our website or by calling our dedicated reservations team!