Learn facts about Sweden from your holiday lettings

Whilst you are staying in our villas, cottages and apartments in Sweden including our accommodation in Stockholm why not find out more about the country itself? You may not know that the geographical size of Sweden is 449,964 km², whilst there are 8.9 million people living there. Whilst natives speak Swedish, the level of English is also very good around the country. Also enjoy a moderate climate with short warm summers and cold winters, providing a stunning backdrop for self-catering in Sweden. Swedish currency is Swedish kronor, which is abbreviated to SEK and the power supply is 230 volts.

Swedish history

During ice age, Sweden was covered by a thick layer of ice, which gradually melted not before 12,000 BC. At that time, Nomadic hunters invaded the new territory. Up until 2,500 AD sedentary farmers lived in Southern Sweden already of agriculture and animal husbandry. 500 years later, the ancestors of the Sami migrated from East Sweden to Northern Sweden. The Romans Tacitus described the mighty Norse tribe as Svea, after which the country was called Sverige later on. Sweden remained the settlement area independent tribes for several centuries. Why not visit Sweden and rent one of our Swedish holiday homes in Southern Sweden to discover this impressive history?

City and countryside – Stockholm accommodation

If you enjoy spending time in Sweden's capital, you should consider staying in some of our Stockholm accommodation. Stockholm is built on 14 islands and the town is surrounded by water and greenery. The water is clean and you can even go fishing in the middle of town - fishing is free in Stockholm’s Ström since 1436! To settle down along the quay an early morning before the town comes to life and wait for the big catch is a different kind of urban experience, especially if you're staying in our holiday lettings. In Lake Mälaren and the Stockholm archipelago, people fish freely with hand tools, but in most lakes fishing license is required. We have plenty of cottages and holiday homes in and around Stockholm.

National holidays and opening hours

There are plenty of celebrations and national holidays to take part in in Sweden, so why not try self-catering holidays in Sweden on one of these special days? General opening hours for shops and other facilities are usually Monday-Friday: 10:00-18:00, Saturday: 10:00-14:00 and Sunday: Variable locally. Bank opening hours operate from Monday - Friday: 10:00-15:00 and are closed on the weekend. Be aware if your direct holiday homes over these holidays, normal transport schedules and opening times may change:

·6 January, Epiphany

·Easter Monday

·1 May, Labour Day,

·6 June, National Day

·June, Midsummer’s Day

·24, 25 and 26 December, Christmas

·1 January, New Year

Mobile phones in Sweden

If you want to use your mobile phone to make a local call whilst staying in our Swedish holiday homes, for example to the owner of the holiday home or NOVASOL’s office in Gothenburg, remember to dial the country code 0046 followed by the area code (without 0) and finally the actual phone number. You may notice that some drivers in Sweden are talking on their mobile phones whilst driving a car. This is legal in Sweden, although drivers are advised to use headsets, as they may otherwise run into insurance problems in the event of an accident. As Sweden is a large and thinly populated country, all mobile phone masts are installed far apart from each other. Mobile reception may be poor in the countryside, but good in towns and cities.

Traffic rules in Sweden

Driving gives you access to plenty of things to do in Sweden and in general there are no road or bridge tolls. In many petrol stations you can refuel 24 hours a day, paying by card or cash. Environmentally friendly fuel is mainly available in larger cities, whilst petrol and diesel should be available everywhere. You can phone the emergency breakdown service 24 hours a day on 020 912 912. During the winter months, winter tyres are strongly recommended whilst lights and seatbelts are always mandatory and the blood alcohol limit is 0.2. Vehicles must obey the following speed limits:

·In cities: 30-50 km/h

·On highways and main roads: 70-90 km/h

·On motorways: 90-110 km/h

Service – Why NOVASOL?

Are you looking for inspiration for your next self-catering holiday in in our apartments in Sweden? Discover how beautiful and relaxed a holiday in Sweden can be. Find more inspiration for your next holiday on our website or feel free to call NOVASOL at any time to get some good advice on unique villas, cottages and apartments including our accommodation in Northern Sweden, Southern Sweden and Stockholm. As a Danish-based company, our expertise on Scandinavia is second to none and our local offices on the ground are there to ensure that your holiday is a magical experience.