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When staying in a holiday cottage in Sweden, the possibilities to enjoy nature and culture in perfect harmony constantly present themselves. Delve into history with museums and ancient artefacts, visit galleries and see the landscape immortilised in paint or sculpture, or simply get lost in bountiful nature. There is so much to discover in Sweden and an apartment or holiday home will ensure that all of this is on your doorstep. Sweden is in particular famous for its unspoilt nature, fresh air, placid lakes and impressive mountains. Both small villages and busy cities also present countless opportunities for the entire family.

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Discover Swedish wildlife - Self-catering Sweden

The Lagaland Elk Park in Småland is a great experience for the entire family. Meet the elks Oskar and Ulrika and their family. In this park you have the chance to get close to the elks and perhaps even feed them with their favourite snack, apples. You could also take an Elk safari in Markaryd. Read up on driving regulations in Sweden, bring your car and drive the 2.8km route through the Småland forests and experience the elk in their natural environment. Visit ehe Elk Mountain and Royal Hunt Museum near our Swedish accommodation in Vänersborg, Västergötland and learn about the nature, the history of the area, the animal life and the royal elk hunt. There are plenty of interesting facts and attractions in the museum for both children and adults.

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Ekehagen Prehistoric village

In this prehistoric village, set in a beautiful forested area, you can experience how people lived in the stone, bronze and iron ages. The Ekehagen Prehistoric Village works as an open air museum, where you can try to live like the ancient people in re-constructed hamlets. Rent a Swedish holiday home during the summer you can get close to the cows and sheep that are grazing freely in the village or see the wild boars and pigs getting fed. Try to paddle a canoe made of tree trunk and find out how they hunted for food in the past. Location: About 20 km south of Falköping, in Östergötland. You could even include a visit if you are renting Stockholm apartments for a comparison of Sweden through the ages.

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Visit Kingdom of Crystal in Småland on your cottage holidays

Visitors to the Crystal Kingdom on your holiday in Sweden will be greeted by authentic workshop cabins and fascinating glass art. Glassblowing in Sweden is a tradition that goes back several centuries in time. Rent a Swedish cottage in Southern Sweden and find no less 15 glassmakers in the Crystal Kingdom- in particular the famous brands Kosta Boda or Orrefors. Take a tour of the unique production environment, look at glass manufacturing and the latest designs or even blow your own glass objects as souvenirs. NOVASOL has holiday villas and cottages inside the Crystal Kingdom, but close by too, so you can easily get there by car.

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Active holidays in Sweden

A holiday home in Sweden is the perfect opportunity for you who love to be active and enjoy the beautiful scenery, but would rather sleep in a warm bed instead of in a tent and relax in front of the fireplace in the evenings. A cottage holiday in Sweden opens the doors to a true paradise in the Great Outdoors. You need not travel far to find places where you can climb, canoe, take long, relaxing or challenging walks on the numerous marked trails. The same applies for cycling, skiing and fishing enthusiasts.

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High Chaparral for holidays in Sweden with children

One of the truly great experiences for family holidays in Sweden is a trip to go to cowboy country with High Chaparral theme park. The park is a time warp amidst beautiful nature, where in you will feel as though you have been taken back 200 years in time to the Wild West. A trip here can obviously be something for the whole family with plenty of shows, western dances, house building on the prairie, train rides in an authentic steam locomotive and gold pan sieving. Rent a holiday home in Southern Sweden and let the children loose in Buffalo City, where they can play cowboys and Indians with toy guns, bows and arrows, etc. and be just as bad as Emil i Lönneberga.

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Nils Holgersson World in Sweden - a fantastic adventure park

Going on a self-catering holiday in Sweden, you can also take a trip to Nils Holgersson's World, a fantastic adventure park especially for the little ones but also for adults. In the park you can experience Sweden in miniature and go on adventures, much like Nils Holgersson himself. Rent a nearby holiday letting and here you will find lots of activities, no matter what you are into. Kids and adults can bounce together on trampolines, play mini golf, shooting, climbing, cycling on the water in the water bikes or race in go karts.

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Service – Why NOVASOL?

On a self-catering holiday in Sweden there are lots of amazing experiences to be had right before the door of your home. Whether you are sampling Swedish cuisine, getting lost in the idyllic nature, learning more about Swedish flora and fauna as you explore the landscape, or finding out about culture in Sweden, your holiday letting is where it all begins. Search our extensive listings online and trust that as a Scandinavian company with almost 50 years’ experience, you can look to NOVASOL for advice on where to stay and what to do on your holiday.

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