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Drink local wine at your villas in Spain

When people think of holidays in Spain, to most the image would be incomplete without indulging in some of the finest wine in the world on the terrace of their villas in Majorca as the sun goes down or at the relaxing swimming pool by your Barcelona apartments. Spain is a marvellous region for holidays in Europe if you are wine lovers, with an incredible climate for vineyards to thrive and plenty of choice in terms of local wine sellers and regionally produced wines. In fact, Spain has over 2.9 million acres of vineyards! Visit a well-stocked bodega or the vineyards themselves to sample from a large range of fine wines.

Spain villas near the Rioja region

Rioja is a favourite wine for many people and it comes with Denominación de Origen Calificada, meaning a qualified designation of origin. Consider villa rental Spain within the Autonomous Community of La Rioja where the grapes for this delicious wine are grown. Rioja’s deep, round and fruity flavours complement any kind of meal, but specifically the elements of Spanish cuisine with meaty or cheesy flavours. There are also different classifications of Rioja wine to try at your holiday lettings – the first being ‘Rioja’ in its youngest, ripest form; the second is ‘Crianza’ which spends at least one year in oak and slightly long in the bottle. Then comes ‘Reserva’, which uses the best grapes and is matured for a minimum of three years. Finally, there is ‘Gran Reserva’, which is only produced in years with exceptional grapes.

The changing face of Spanish wine – Spain villas

In 1975, the newly founded kingdom reaped the benefits of entering the EU in that the building of many modern wineries was financed by subsidies. Although wine growing in Spain can be traced back thousands of years, there are constantly new types being produced. Learn the history of wine whilst renting apartments in Spain, or simply enjoy the extensive range on offer! In addition to full-bodied Spanish red wines, there are increasingly fresh white wines and sparkling rosés for you to try at your Spanish cottages with hot tubs.

Exclusive wine, exclusive villa rental Spain

With the Wine Act of 2003, new standards have been set, so that the origin of the wines is clear cut and understandable. The highest quality level wines are classified as Vino de pago - wines from single layers in the regions of Dominio de Valdepusa and Pago Guijoso. Treat yourself whilst renting apartments in Mainland Spain to one of these wines! Rioja, Priorat and Ribera del Duero wine can be classified as D.O.a. Vino de la Tierra is a country wine with indication of grape variety and vintage - simple table wines, the Vino de Mesa.