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Enjoy music with Holiday lettings Spain

Spain has always been a highly musical country that has preserved influences of many cultures, like the Arab, Gypsy and Italian styles. Make your way to discover the music of the country with Spain villas from NOVASOL. Spain has created with typical sounds and instruments its very own style and feeling, and this can be heard in several genres of Spanish music – even in those pieces produced today. Either enjoy local street performers whilst you rent apartments in Barcelona, take a Spanish guitar lesson near your villas in Madrid, or relax at your cottages with hot tubs with an Hispanic melody on the radio.

Musical history – Spain villas

At the oldest university in Spain, Salamanca music was taught way back in the 13th century. In the Middle Ages arose musical works and compositions written for viols, the harpsichord and organ, which still enchant every guest on villa holidays Spain. Also early on in the history of Spanish music was the Spanish musical theatre called Zarzuela, which is played time and time again in the big concert halls of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. The pieces are easy to understand even by foreign guests on villa holidays in Spain. Choose between open-air pop / rock concerts in arenas and stadiums, street music of the Gypsies and fiery music, singing and dancing in local taverns.

Unique cottages with tales of the Gitanos

In Spain Gitanos have also shaped the musical culture. They especially influenced flamenco in Andalusia with their temperament and understanding of music. Familiarise yourself whilst on villa holidays Spain with the culture, customs and musical tastes of this Romani group, and track down the traces of Gitano influence. They brought forth famous stars like the singer Camarón de la Isla, the flamenco dancer and singer Diego el Cigala, and also the soccer player Jose Antonio Reyes and the painter Lita Cabellut.

History of the Gitanos

The vast majority of European Roma live in the CEE countries. Since the nineties, many have immigrated because of the deterioration of their situation to Western Europe. Watch Roma buskers on your villa holidays in Spain! In Spain currently live about 700,000 Gypsies and music always played an important role in their daily lives. Because music served as a livelihood for many, surrounding cultures embraced the Roma members and took on aspects of their style and customs – including music. Just read about ‘Carmen’ by Bizet or see an opera performance to get a fuller picture. So whether it is villas in Lanzarote or coastal cottages in Catalonia, explore the cultural influences of Spanish music.