Enjoy the amazing cuisine of Majorca

So what is on your menu during your family holidays in Spain? Why not create your very own authentic Paella whilst holidaying in our villas in Spain. The genuine Majorcan cuisine can best be described as authentic and sometimes relatively simple, however it also offers some quite sophisticated and imaginative dishes to experience whilst on holiday in one of our holiday villas in Spain. Spit-roasted suckling pig is a particular delicacy, and so is lamb served with the typical vegetables of the island. Fish is also popular and in the game season, you will find rabbit, duck and quail on the menu. You should also try the local speciality ”frito mallorquin” which consists of offal, potatoes and olive oil. Locals will always be happy to give you cooking tips if you fancy cooking an authentic Majorcan meal for your own family whilst you enjoy staying in our holiday lettings Spain.

Fish & Seafood - villas Majorca

Fish and seafood are not always the cheapest dishes on the menu in Majorca – but they compare well with UK prices and are certainly delicious and freshly caught and prepared. A popular starter you should try whilst staying in your Spanish villa in the Balearics is marinated prawns in strong garlic sauce. You should also try the mussels, octopus, perch and crayfish if you have enough time! Younger visitors enjoying Majorca (Holiday rentals Spain) will also enjoy more traditional dishes such as various Spanish takes on spaghetti and pizza, of course accompanied with chips! There is something for every taste. Needless to say, it is not uncommon for adults to accompany their meals with one of the excellent Spanish wines. A lovely ‘Albarino’ white wine is our choice with any seafood dish and is relatively easy to find in local supermarkets, so buy a bottle or two and enjoy it with your own barbequed fish at your holiday lettings Spain.

Specialities in Majorca

A real speciality to relish whilst you stay at a villa in Majorca and enjoy your time on some of the best beaches in Europe is ”sobrasada“, a pork sausage with some paprika. You can buy it at Pedro Amengual and Maria Riera, Carrer Santo Domingo 7, Palma de Mallorca. Ask for ”Sobrasada de Munar“. The ceilings of many of these relatively little shops are festooned with thousands of great tasting sausages!

Desserts in Majorca

Almonds and "ensaimadas“ cakes are very popular whilst on family holidays in our holiday villas Spain. It is not only the almond blossom in January and February that delights the island’s visitors, but all the various almond products, such as the famous almond cakes and the delicious creamy almond ice cream you can enjoy whenever you visit Majorca or stay in any of our other 4,000 holiday rentals Spain.