Enjoy sunny Spain villas in Majorca

In Majorca, there is a very temperate Mediterranean climate and therefore the island is a pleasant destination for villas in Spain year round. Especially for visitors from the UK, the sun, warm weather and beachy conditions make Majorca top of the list. Although it may not be as hot as if you were renting villas in Lanzarote for example, there are pleasant intervals of showers over the winter months, making the vegetation verdant and sun damage less of a threat. While it hardly rains in the summer months, it certainly can do from September to April but often the sun returns shortly afterwards.

Winter villa rental Spain

Where previously the particularly hot summer months from June to August were in demand for those looking to rent villas in Spain, the warm spring (April / May) and autumn (September / October) months have been gaining popularity in recent years. These months are suitable both for beach aficionados and for culture lovers and hikers renting country cottages, it remains warm and sunny into November without being too overbearing. Older family members or younger children may also benefit from taking Spanish villa holidays during these months, where the sun is less direct. Cheap holidays are also easier to come by out of those peak summer months.

Find the right location for your holiday lettings

On the beautiful island Majorca there are some differences in climate and weather depending on where you are – so pick the location of your villa rental Spain wisely. The northern and north western mountain ranges act as weather barriers on the island. That is to say that the north and west have a higher annual rainfall than in the south and east of the island. This is always accentuated in winter, so be certain to check the local forecast before you book your Spanish villa holidays in Majorca.

Average temperatures

Known for its agreeable climate, many hours of sunshine and beach lifestyle, it is no wonder that the temperatures are higher than most other European countries. The average temperatures in Majorca vary between 14 degrees Celsius in January and 29 degrees Celsius in August. The water temperature in the open sea is generally between 14 degrees in January and 25 degrees in the summer months. For a guaranteed tan see our Lanzarote villas, which see average highs of up to 30 degrees in the summer.