Explore caves near your villas in Spain

On the island of Majorca in Spain, north of the Serra de Tramuntana on the southern slopes of Monte de San Miquel is a large cave network named after the local village of Campanet. This fascinating natural formation is a place well worth visiting whilst renting out Balearic Islands in Majorca! The caves were discovered by accident in 1945 and opened to the public later on, meaning you can now discover the full lengths of the place on a tour. Make the journey from your Majorca villas and book a guided tour of the 3200-square-metre cave system!

Amazing discoveries with holiday lettings Spain

The cavity has a volume of about 16 thousand cubic metres. In the tunnels and halls you see evidence of millions of years of water erosion. The extraordinary wealth of artistic and archaeological finds here, as well as the colour spectrum of stalactites and stalagmites will delight the children during NOVASOL family holidays. By the opening of the cave system, the fossil remains of Myotragus balearicus, a native prehistoric mammal were also found. Simply arrive from 10am onwards to add layer of excitement and intrigue to your villa holidays Spain.

Coves del Drac – Villa holidays Spain

To the east of the island, close to your pet friendly cottages in the fishing village of Porto Cristo, is the huge limestone cave system, ‘Coves del Drac’. Be sure to visit this network of caves which stretches for almost two kilometres whilst on villa holidays in Spain! In the caves, there are seven lakes; with Martel being is the largest underground lake in Europe. The caves were already known to the natives of Majorca 3000 years ago. But they did not venture into the depths of the cave, because they feared a dragon who was fabled to live there.

Events – Villa holidays in Spain

Being a main draw to the island with their marvellous atmosphere and history, the islands provide an incredible backdrop for artistic events. Tours are a more usual way to see the caves, but afterwards you may be lucky enough to coincide your cheap holidays with a classical concert! You may also enjoy an underground boat ride during your stay. If this doesn’t appeal to you and you would rather be in the bright Spanish sunshine, enjoy local beaches or villas in Marbella or elsewhere with swimming pools.