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Villas in Canary Islands – The Island Of Lobos

If you are staying in one of our villas in Canaries in Fuerteventura, then a trip to the Island of Lobos is well worth the visit. From the town of Corralejo, you can take a short boat ride to the beautiful island of Lobos, with is a nature reserve and very peaceful. Many small boats go from the pedestrian area of the marina in Corralejo to Lobos during the daytime, which is just 1 mile off the coast of Fuerteventura and has an area of 1.8 square miles. The island has day facilities and some weekend homes owned by local fishermen.

Unique Fauna and Flora

The island of Lobos actually means Wolves Island after the sea wolves or monk seals that used to live there. The monk seals were the only inhabitants of the island until the fifteenth century when the Spanish first conquered the Canary Islands. The Spanish hunted the seals for food and they are now extinct. The Island of Lobos is a very popular destination for day visitors, who go to see the unique flora and fauna, such as seabirds and lizards and 130 varieties of vegetation unique to the island. Book one of our holiday homes in Spain and visit the island of Lobos.

Activities on the Island of Lobos

Due to its unique nature, the island of Lobos was one of the first areas to be protected in Spain in 1982 and the European Community Commission has now included Lobos as one the Spanish Areas of Special Protection For Birds. In order to protect the island, access is limited to walking trails and other activities are limited to certain areas. It is also popular for day visitors to go to the small sheltered sea lagoon of Playa De La Concha which has a lovely sandy beach and is great for swimming.

Montana La Caldera

If you are a keen walker, you can also hike up Montana La Caldera, which is 127 metres high and offers fantastic views of the island. If you are a surfer, there are some excellent places to surf but as there are no facilities, it is only suitable for those of a very high standard. It is not possible to stay overnight on the island, except if you request special permission to camp on the island but book one of our the Canary Islands and stay in Corralejo, which means you can easily access the island of Lobos.