The History of Lanzarote

Most traces of the first settlers on the island of Lanzarote are probably under the lava. Book a holiday with friends in a villa in Canaries in Lanzarote and explore the island! About 2,000 years ago, the Berber lived as peaceful people in caves on the island. Discover the influence of these tribes on today's place names on the island, which is one of the Canary Islands in Spain. The Italians Lance Lotto is to thank for the name of the island. He lived in the early 14th century on the island and registered it as Insula de Lanzarotus in the map. Visit the island and stay in a holiday rental Lanzarote to see the fertile plains where Lance Lotto once lived.


Volcanic Legends

The Spanish conquered the island of Lanzarote in 1402, killing or enslaving the indigenous people. Discover the plane El Rubicón in the south of the island, where at that time the natives fled. Nature, too, put the inhabitants repeatedly before extraordinary trials. Visit the fantastically beautiful church Ermita de Dolores in Mancha Blanca when staying in your Spain villas with pools. She tells one part of the deep faith of the people and of miracles. The locals were convinced that the Virgen de los Volcanes had in 1736 stopped the lava flow at Montaña de Guiguan and thus protects more villages from ruin. Let yourself be under the spell of the beautiful Madonna at your villa in Canary islands.

A Famous Pilgrimage Site

The next eruption of Timanfaya occurred in 1824 where for 10 years moderate earthquakes preceded. The village Mancha Blanca feared the destruction and wanted to repeat the miracle of the 18th century. The desperate inhabitants the Virgen de los Dolores borrowed the figure from the church in Tinajo and went to the glowing lava with her. The lava went towards the statue, but by a miracle, the magma masses cooled and solidified suddenly before the first house of the village. The figure of Mary, which was previously housed in the church in Tinajo, received in 1862 was then left in the final location in the church Ermita de los Dolores. Visit this famous pilgrimage site when you are on holiday in your villa in canaries! Year after year, the people of Lanzarote commemorate the two miracles and celebrate Los Volcanes the day the island-saint Nuestra Señora de. Also, take a holiday in Lanzarote on 15 September and take part in this great festival.

Book a holiday rental Lanzarote and celebrate with the residents!