Experience eternal Spring with Spanish villas

On the beautiful Spanish island of Lanzarote, the climate is a big draw for tourists looking for villa holidays in Spain. Why is this? There are no cold winters, no rainy springtime, no overly dry or hot summers and no gloomy grey autumn in this Mediterranean paradise. On Lanzarote, instead, there is the eternal spring, a temperate climate and a healthy climate. Despite its proximity to the African mainland, your holidays renting villas in Spain won’t be overshadowed by seeking shade, hiding from the sun and constantly feeling hot and sticky. If you time everything correctly, resistant Northeast trade winds make for freshness in the summer months and mild weather in the winter months.

Enjoy a range of activities at your unique holiday home

The best thing about having such a wonderful climate, is feeling comfortable enough to go for long walks, trekking or cycling around the island – whereas in other locations, it may prove too exhausting in the heat. Having said this, those looking to villas in Lanzarote purely for swimming and water sports will not be disappointed! The water temperatures in the open sea fluctuate between 18 ° C in February and 23 ° C in the summer months. In sheltered bays and regions of demarcated beach, this can often even rise one or two degrees above, creating a perfect holiday homes haven for water lovers!

Climate and infrastructure – Villa holidays Spain

Many of those renting villas in Spain will recognise Lanzarote primarily as a tourist destination. This would be correct as the main source of income for the economy is driven by the tourist industry. People come from far and wide to enjoy the largely warm temperatures, and the lush green countryside formed by the rainfall on the island. Of course, there are still more traditional agricultural industries in place, which also make use of the natural resources on the island. The land is fertile due to the volcanic soil, whilst the sun and rain also make growing crops easier than some other locations. Visit a farm or vineyard and benefit both local touristic and agricultural business.

Rainfall in Lanzarote

Rainfall in Lanzarote behaves far differently to that in Great Britain, so we can breathe a sigh of relief! Lanzarote’s rainfall is considered to be at an average of 135mm per year. This is less than one tenth of comparative figures taken from Central European countries. When it does rain, however, it comes in short and violent bursts usually during the Winter months. Although, don’t let this put you off villa holidays Spain from November to February! During these months, the island blooms in verdant meadows, lush trees and flowering landscapes, making it a perfect time for villa holidays in Spain or even dog friendly holidays.

Service - Why NOVASOL?

Our holiday villas in Lanzarote are made to keep out the Spanish heat--and they all come with a swimming pool—so you can be sure you will stay cool in the hot Spanish sun. NOVASOLs Lanzarote holiday villas come with lots of space, privacy, and comfort. Don't stress arranging a family holiday. Use NOVASOLs easy on-line booking service, and make the process stress free. At our homepage browse our selection, click the house that strikes your fancy, see the lovely and accurate photos of the interior and exterior of the house, then book your dates. It is a simple as that! Add more freedom to your vacation by ordering villas in Spain with a dishwasher, microwave, and TV. These and other little comforts will make your vacation in Spain a breeze.