Villas in Ibiza I Es Vedra and Es Verdranell

The beautiful islets of Es Vedra and Es Verdranell are located just few hundred metres off the southwest coast of the island of Ibiza and are shrouded in legend. Book NOVASOL holiday homes in the Balearics or family villas in Spain and you are able to take a boat tour together of the Cala d'Hort and explore these mystical islands. This location has captivated the imagination of many over the centuries, so it really is a must. It has even been suggested that Es Verda is actually the point of the fabled city of Atlantis!

Self-catering Ibiza in a world of legends

As the story goes, Odysseus was stranded on these islands as he allowed himself to be seduced by the seductive call of mythical siren creatures. The islands are also said to have a special power which can even send compasses haywire. Listen out for the sirens’ song as you explore the islands from your villas in Ibiza but be careful not to be drawn in by the sound! Others report UFO sightings here, and even a landing pad for extra-terrestrial beings. See for yourself when you visit the islands.

Wildlife on the Islands

Our holiday homes in Spain do not extend to these small islands. They are uninhabited by humans, leaving wildlife to thrive in the most spectacular fashion. In fact, the only larger mammals here are goats that were introduced many years a go by a solitary monk residing there. The islands have been protected natural sites since of 2002. This comes under the 80 hectares of nature reserve called the ‘reserva natural des Vedra i it Vedranell’ in the area of ​​Sant Josep de sa Talaia in Ibiza, which includes the islets, the rocky shores of Ibiza and streams, fields, woods and hills surrounding Sa Talaia. So if you are a nature lover renting holiday homes in Spain, be sure to include this on your itinerary.

Es Vedra and Es Verdranell Activites

If you are short of things to do at your family villas in Spain, look no further than these wonderful islets. Aside from making the adventurous voyage there and exploring the wildlife, this location is also popular for photography enthusiasts. A photo of Es Vedra rising 380 metres from the sea even graces the cover of Mike Oldfield’s album ‘Voyager’. If you are a young couple or group self-catering in Spain, keep in mind there are frequent full moon parties in the mountains and the islands of Es Vedra and Es Verdranell are also included!