Villas in Spain I Fashion Inspiration Ibiza

The fashion aesthetic of Ibiza is very singular and can been seen echoed in styles all over the world from their inspiration. With traditional batik and stitching effects taken from domestic folklore and countries like India and Arabia, this look has developed over time. Loose, flowing and billowing materials in the finest natural fabrics, trimmings and lace are the basis for fashion here. The colour white is still predominant, and is even echoed throughout buildings and villas in Ibiza. Put your own stamp on your holiday and your fashion by following the words of Princess Smilja Mihailovitch: ‘Wear what you want, but always with style’.

Self-Catering Ibiza I History of Fashion

The Flower Power movement of the 60's and 70’s blew up in the face of narrow mindedness, but also the social and physical restraints of the body. The Spanish style was a welcome reflection of this need to feel more comfortable, confident and relaxed, which was inspiration for many visitors. Designers were inspired by folk designs and this was transferred to the typical ‘hippie’ style we know today. Feel the same flexibility and freedom with NOVASOL Spanish villas in the Balearics, whatever your style.

Shopping and Self-Catering Ibiza

Although the cost of the colourful hippie fashion which first came into trend in the 70’s was low, now you have to dig a little deeper to fund your shopping in a lot of Ibizan shops. The demand determines prices and Ibiza is extremely popular with fashionable jetsetters from around the globe. Luckily, you can save by self-catering Spain, and visiting local markets selling locally produced items, traditional materials and handmade goods. If you feel like splashing out a little more, why not visit one of the glamorous clothing boutiques in the capital? Or you could even visit a fashion show on the island for inspiration.

Why Book with NOVASOL?

At NOVASOL it is quick and easy to find the right villas in Ibiza. On the website you can search day or night, all year round, for holiday homes all over Europe, and with a simple click you can reserve your dream holiday rental in Spain. Although Ibiza is notoriously pricey, there are a range of properties in NOVASOL’s self-catering Spain listings which can ensure you have a stylish and fashionable holiday home without breaking the bank, so be sure to have a look.