Climate whilst you rent holiday villas Spain

In general, the climate on the island of Gran Canaria is very mild in all seasons. Part of what makes this destination so popular for holiday rentals Spain is the moderate temperature and balanced weather. This climate often affords the Canary Islands with the nickname of the ‘islands of eternal spring’. This spring-like climate has even been praised in the myths of ancient Egypt and Greece, whose poets of the Golden Age marked the Canaries as the Garden of the Hesperides and also as the Elysian fields. So if you are looking for an idyllic climate for your villas to rent in Spain, look no further.

Location of your holiday rentals Spain

Varying factors alter the climate you experience, so the location of your Spanish villas depending on the temperature and wind levels you would like is rather important. For example, the mountain ranges (up to nearly 2,000 metres high), the wind, the ocean currents and of course geographical latitude determine the climate of Gran Canaria. Therefore where you are situated on your beach or forest holidays could affect the climate you experience. If you are based by the mountains, the ocean air could encounter the range, forming clouds and sometimes rain.

Climate advice for water lovers

As all of the Canary Islands share the water in the Atlantic Ocean, the same system for determining temperature is the same as the neighbouring islands. If you are seeking villas to rent in Spain for water activities, this information may be useful. The ocean current, a part of the comprehensive Gulf Stream brings colder water from the north, so that the water temperatures are lower in the Canaries, as it usually corresponds. These temperatures are usually between the 21 and 24 ° C mark in summer and 17 and 21 ° C in winter. One to keep in mind whilst renting anything from villas to dog friendly cottages!

Self-catering holidays for sun-seekers

Gran Canaria is still a great option for those looking to top off the tan at a beautiful beach or lying by the pool at your Spanish villas. The mountains in the Canary islands prevent the clouds moving towards the south of the island, however, so if you are looking for plenty of sun and dry weather, the south is the best place for your coastal cottages. Whether you are renting villas in Tenerife or apartments Barcelona, climate information is relevant to how you experience your holiday, so be sure to look it up!