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Spain villas in Betancuria

This charming little holiday destination was named after the French conqueror ‘Jean de Bethencourt’, and the town lies in the exact geographical centre of the island! A quirky location for villa holidays in Spain, this area is particularly rich in water and has very fertile land. This is presumably why the first inhabitants of the island settled here, and why there is such a long and interesting local history for you to sink your teeth into whilst on self-catering holidays. In the Archaeological Museum we find highly interesting examples of this first civilisation of the Guanches. History and architecture enthusiasts will have a field day with this destination, whilst those seeking villas in Spain for relaxation have also found the perfect hideaway.

Learn about local production

Although Betancuria largely benefits from income generated by tourism, there are also other, more traditional industries alive in the area. Agriculture and viticulture are important to the local community, and whilst you rent villas with pools or cottages with hot tubs, it is recommended that you visit nearby vineyards or farms for a wine or cheese tasting on your villa holidays in Spain. You can also appreciate local arts and crafts, including handmade pottery, traditional lace items and carved or woven objects. Visit the well-known ‘Casa Santa Maria’ cafeteria and enjoy a delicious meal after watching artists at work and perhaps purchasing souvenirs of your family holidays.

Holidays for history buffs

Betancuria was the island’s capital for a long time, and before 1834 was a hub for trade, politics and residence. When arable land became harder to come by, local residents began to move further away from town in search for somewhere to continue farming. If you are on villa holidays Spain and happen to be interested in local history of Betancuria, be sure to visit the Museo Arquelogico, which holds many historical finds, proving interesting on villa holidays in Spain. Particularly fascinating are ancient agricultural tools, pots, jewellery and fertility dolls from the island’s first settlers.

Beautiful architecture – villa holidays Spain

It is impossible not to be swayed by the beauty of the buildings in Betancuria. Framed by the surroundings of a picturesque valley, there is a backdrop of rustic, white-painted houses. Admire the simplicity and elegance of their style whilst you rent your villas in Spain! You may also enjoy viewing the ‘Santa Maria’ cathedral built in 1410 in the Mudejar style. With prominent bell tower, coffered ceilings and a beautifully decorated interior, it is one to remember on your tours.

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