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More about Spain, our holiday lettings and getting around

It is so easy to access holiday lettings in Spain, whether you want to go there by car and ferry, Eurotunnel or by plane. There are great flight connections to Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Valencia and Malaga, so transport can easily be arranged from anywhere in the UK. With a world of amazing Spanish history, nature and relaxation to discover, it is just up to you to choose your favourite region in Spain. There are, of course, a few practical bits of information about the country that you may be interested to know. Cultural differences in Spain, special days to remember, rules for driving and pets are all useful things to become acquainted with before your Spanish villa holiday.

National holidays in Spain

Why not have a look at the dates below and see if there is a national holiday during your holiday stay at one of our family villas or apartments in Spain? The Spanish love big celebrations and it is always fun to join them. Often a celebration might present exciting things to do on your Spanish holiday, and there are a few more national holidays for certain Spanish regions, so we always recommend doing some more research before your villa holiday.

Opening hours during your holidays

In Spain, almost everyone enjoys a ‘Siesta’, and you may also find yourself dozing off with the mixture of excitement and relaxation on your self-catering holidays in Spain. This customary nap during lunch time is widely accepted and, although it is a fantastic way to avoid the midday heat and rejuvenate yourself, be prepared for most Spanish shops to be closed between 2pm and 5pm. Enjoy this time of the day to take a rest and read a book or just relax next to the pool at your holiday lettings in Spain. The normal opening hours in Spain are usually 9.30am-2pm and 5pm-8pm. Banks might open a bit earlier in the morning, whilst most museums can be visited during the whole day.

Currency in Spain

At the moment, the Spanish currency is the Euro. There are many ATMs spread all over Spain, so it is very easy to withdraw money from your bank account with your debit or credit card. Don’t forget to bring your PIN code and ask your national bank about any fees that might apply. Alternatively, have your currency changed before arriving at the airport for your holiday self-catering in one of our Spanish villas. There is a range of ways to go about your holiday to suit a variety of budgets. From the authentic local tavernas, where a pint of beer and some tapas dishes will cost next to nothing, to luxurious shopping in the boutiques of Madrid.

Whether you have booked one of our family villas in Spain or decided to stay in one of our villas in Majorca with friends, it is always comfortable to have a car at one’s disposal. The maximum alcohol content usually allowed in blood is 0.5 per mille. For professional drivers and those who have only had their driving license for less than 2 years it is 0.3 per mille. Generally maximum speeds are as follows, but do check before arriving at your villa rentals Spain. Please be aware of the following limitations:

Main road traffic regulations – Holiday lettings Spain

With just a few exceptions, you should be able to access all NOVASOL holiday destinations by car. This gives you the advantage that you can bring everything you need to your villas to rent in Spain without sacrificing the benefit of easy access to local attractions and places of interest whilst you are there. Many properties – from villas in Marbella to self-catering holidays in other parts of Spain – should have a space to park your car or even a garage. With car rental being a widespread option for holiday makers in Spain, you will be able to drive around, even without your own vehicle. Simply rent online or when you reach the airport on your cheap family holidays.

Villas to rent in Spain – Things to remember

Although we hope that you feel right at home on your self-catering holidays in Spain has different road regulations to the UK, and it is advisable to research these more in detail before you trip. Here is some basic information about road traffic regulations whilst renting one of our villas in Spain, starting with what to bring with you. As with driving anywhere, having your license on you is essential. Also be sure to remember your registration documents, and a proof of authorisation, in case you do not own the car yourself (can be acquired in automotive clubs). Also keep in mind that although NOVASOL lets dog-friendly holiday homes in Spain, be sure to check with your rental company before taking your pet for a drive.

Driving on self-catering holidays Spain

Having looked through the rules for your destination and prepared all the documentation you will need to drive or rent a car, you should be able to hit the road. Whilst driving in Spain, there are a few things to take note of. Firstly, seatbelts and safety helmets (if riding a scooter or motorcycle) should be worn for your safety. You may also want to wear reflective safety jackets when necessary during your villa rentals in Spain, for example if you have to leave the car on main roads and highways. The fuel prices are slightly cheaper in Spain compared to the rest of Europe.

Service - Why NOVASOL?

With local offices and local staff in Spain, if you have any questions or need support maintaining your holiday home in Spain, you can always call and ask. NOVASOL is dedicated to providing the best service, not only before and after your holiday – but during, too. NOVASOL has more than 40,000 holiday homes and nearly 50 years' experience taking happy cutomers away, putting our service head and shoulders above the rest. Now you know how to get around, and the practical information on the country, why not find out more about things to do in Spain?