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Cuisine in your Spanish villas

For all the foodies seeking villas to rent in Spain, look no further than the wonderful range of properties NOVASOL has to offer, giving you access to the most vibrant markets, brooding bodegas, authentic farm shops and cosmopolitan tapas bars. Spain is known for its rich, delicious and varied cuisine so be sure to integrate this into your self-catering holiday. No matter whether you are looking to buy Manchego cheese or Morcilla in Madrid, or to try seafood Paella in La Palma, Majorca, remember to focus on local specialties and even try to cook your own Spanish feast at your villa, apartment or cottage!

Eating in Andalusia on your villa holidays

In Andalusia, in Southern Spain, the local food is strongly influenced by its Moorish history and you will find a mixture of delicious cold soups, marinated fish, tapas, almonds, olives and fantastic oranges in local restaurants and markets. In coastal areas, you will find superb fish and squid, which is not to be missed whilst staying in your Spanish villas. Although we strongly advise you purchasing local ingredients and giving the barbecue at your holiday home a go, as with many other regions, in Andalusia it is a large part of Spanish culture to eat out. Find authentic and inexpensive restaurants everywhere on your holidays in Spain, but keep in mind Granada, where you can still get a free tapas dish with your drink!

Self-catering in Catalonia

The cuisine of Barcelona, the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees in Catalonia is one of the best in Europe. Here mountains meet the sea and there are fine fish and meat dishes, the best white wines in the country, fruit, vegetables and some of the best tapas restaurants in Spain. Renting in Catalonia brings all the pleasures of rich, authentic flavours, cosmopolitan fusion restaurants, tried and tested Spanish recipes and some of the best markets in Spain! Book an apartment in Barcelona for your next holiday rental and visit the Mercado de La Boqueria, for example. Here in one of Europe’s largest and most famous food halls, find a rainbow of fruit, tantalising hot dishes and Spain’s finest cured meats to eat on the spot or to take back to your holiday homes.

Food in Valencia and Murcia

The cuisine of Valencia and Murcia shows typical Arab influences, with paddy fields and orange groves, fig and date trees. This is also one of the best places to buy the ingredients from a local market whilst staying in one of our villas to rent in Spain, for Paella, which originates in this region. There may be a secret ingredient to the delicious rice dishes created in Valencia and Murica – and that is the range of spices. In particular, paprika, made from the Ñora pepper is popularly used. Enjoy this special type of Spanish cuisine whilst you spend your self-catering holidays in this region.

Visit the Balearic Islands

The food in the Balearic Islands is very Mediterranean and has influences from the French and the English. These islands are known for their spicy sausages, Mahon cheese and roast suckling pig. Don’t forget that each island has its different specialties, so if you are renting holiday villas in Majorca, try the salt cod or noodle paella, whilst staying in Ibiza offers delicious fried fish, macaroni and cheesecake with herbs and honey. Ice cream is also an irresistible treat for all the family whilst on holiday, especially after a trip to the Balearic beaches, or sunbathing at your villa with a private pool.

What to eat at your villas in the Canaries

The Canary Islands have a very unique cuisine due to their location in the Atlantic. Whilst staying in our villas in Lanzarote or villas in Tenerife you will be able to buy amazing bananas, mangos and fish dishes, which are usually accompanied by a sauce known as mojo picon. Expect thick soups, rabbit stew, fresh fish and salted potatoes, amongst a range of more familiar dishes that will keep the whole family happy on your holidays. These islands are also famous for their particularly delightful wines, which you can try on a visit to vineyards on each of the islands.

Restaurants to visit in Spain

Cooking in Spain is an art that captivates the senses and has a firm place on the international scene. The Michelin Star guide has given 9 restaurants in the country the highest accolade of three stars, including restaurants in Madrid and Girona. Self-catering in Spain may save you some money, allowing you to splash out on some of the best restaurants in the world. Alternatively, find food just as good in authentic, rustic tavernas and bodegas made with love according to traditional recipes passed down through centuries. You may encounter a roast lamb dish, a hearty bean stew or simple Spanish omelette right next door to your holiday villas to rival the flavours of the chic restaurants in cities like Seville, Barcelona or Madrid.


In Spain, appreciate the full range of fresh produce available on your holidays. Amongst many other things to do in Spain, visiting markets is one of the best experiences if you enjoy trying different types of food and seeing how local vendors go about their day. From markets halls filled with gleaming fresh fish, to colourful fruit and tempting hot dishes served in adjacent restaurants, there is something for everyone to enjoy near your holiday lettings.

Relax with a glass of Spanish wine

What better way to end the day at your holiday villas, than to indulge in a glass of Spanish wine by the pool? With a huge viticulture in Spain, it is natural that they take this very seriously, and with many meals it is customary to accompany your food with wine. Wine is a part of Spanish history, dating back millions of years and becoming a cultural essential with Roman rule. The climate, of course, has an effect on which grapes are grown and how they develop, thus making the region a factor in which wines are produced locally. Enjoy Rioja in in north-central Spain, Sherry in Andalusia or Cava in Catalonia – the choice is yours.

Service – Why NOVASOL?

Our service puts us head and shoulders above other companies offering holiday homes in Spain. Whether you are sunning yourself in the Balearics and need some advice on which beaches to visit, or perhaps you would like someone to come and clean the private pool at your villa in Barcelona, NOVASOL has local offices, local knowledge and local expertise. With nearly 50 years’ experience, NOVASOL are experts in Spanish self-catering and can assure you that your villa holiday is in safe hands. For more inspiration, travel tips, and our very best offers, subscribe to our weekly email newsletter here.