Family holidays

Enjoy your family villa holidays in our Spanish villas

The Catalonia region is the perfect place for a family holiday in our Spanish villas. With a population density of more than 234 inhabitants per square kilometer live in Catalonia nearly 16% of the Spanish population live on around 6.3% of the total area of Spain. Despite the dense population of Catalonia, it has a lot to offer including beautiful nature, which can be discovered on a family holiday in one of our beautiful Spain villas. In Catalonia there are some of the most important nature reserves on the Iberian Peninsula - an ideal destination for a family holiday in one of our villas in Spain.

National parks close to our Spain villas

The 41 thousand hectares of National Park Aigüestortes Sant Maurici is located in the Catalan Pyrenees and is particularly well suited with its rugged mountains and diverse ecosystems for hiking and observing animals during a family holiday in our Spanish villas in Catalonia. The Pyrenees reach from the Atlantic through the middle of the national park up to the Cap de Creus and are worth visiting at any time of the year. The Cap de Creus can be found on the most eastern point of the Iberian Peninsula. Explore its bizarre rock formations, climb up the 670 metre high and enjoy the magnificient views of Sant Salvador Saverdera. At Punta de Cap de Creus, a 78 metre high lighthouse is from 1853 and shines far over the Mediterranean Sea. Explore these amazing in Catalonia next-to-find restaurant in the building of the former police barracks. The lake area at Cap de Creus is a popular diving destination.

Excursions for families

It is great fun to prepare for exciting family excursions for example on one of Catalonia's magnificent beaches. To bathe in pleasantly warm water, snorkel, build sand castles or explore the coast by boat are unforgettable experiences to enjoy during a family holiday in our villas in Spain in Catalonia. Catalonia is very hospitable and children can benefit from things to do tailored to their needs, excellent infrastructure and special attention. And don't miss the cities, which also have lots to offer for families. Should you decide to spend a day in Barcelona, you might want to visit the science museum, the aquarium or one of numerous theme parks.