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Shopping In The Canary Islands

Staying in villas in the Canary Islands are a paradise for those who like to go shopping whilst on holiday. As well as the usual shopping centres, the Canaries are a great place to visit local shops and markets where the locals shop and not tourists. These are great places to discover culinary specialties and unique craftsmanship. Many of these shops and markets observe siesta hours and will be closed between 1.30pm to 4.30pm to 5pm and will be open until 8pm/9pm.

Farmers Markets

A visit to a farmers market whilst self-catering in Spain is well worth the trip as in these bustling markets you can find everything you need to prepare superb meals in your villas in Canaries. At these markets, you will find tasty meats, cheeses, potatoes, tomatoes, almonds, herbs, spices and of course fantastic wine from the Canary Islands. You will also find the typical specialties of the region including spicy mojo sauces, palm honey, rum with honey and several other liqueurs, which make great presents for your friends and family back home.

Traditional Products

People holidaying in apartments in Spain also have a chance to buy local traditional products from markets and workshops. Among some of the best items to buy are the traditional pottery, including bowls, vases and candleholders. You can buy embroidered linen and cotton, such as table linen and blouses and shirts. In most of the Canary Islands, you can buy palmito hats, which are worn in the countryside. Also popular to buy are miniature versions of the famous Canary wooden balconies. For the best quality at reasonable prices, look out for the outlets of FEDAC (Fundacion Para La Etnografia y el Desarrollodo de la Artesania Canaria at the weekly markets. Book your holiday rentals Spain and discover the fantastic shopping and local markets for yourself.

Duty Free Shopping

Many shops in the Canary Islands, which due to their special tax statues offer a range of duty free products such as electronics, designer clothes and perfumes. So when you are in an apartment in Spain, visit one of the many shopping centres and boy products much more cheaply than you can on mainland Spain. Just remember that, unlike many countries in the European Union, there are strict limits on goods being exported for personal use, so for example you can only return with up to 1 litre of spirits.