Spain villas - Flamenco to bullfighting in Andalusia

Seville is considered the cradle of flamenco and celebrating is widespread in this region during the April festivities. Whilst renting your family villas in Spain, you may also want to take part in the exciting Feria de Abril, which is celebrated on the 450 thousand square metre fairgrounds with much merriment and festive dress. The parades of carriages and riders in traditional flamenco costumes are captivating, but the dancing is even more so! Also famous are the flamenco festivals in the province of Málaga, especially those in Ardales. This is a collaborative community occasion with a universal appeal to people of all nationalities and ages.

Enter the world of matadors whilst at your villas in Spain

Throughout Spain bullfights still play a crucial role in the Spanish cultural identity and tradition, although now bullfighting is incredibly controversial. After Madrid, the second largest bullfighting ring is located in Seville and this has a capacity of 18 thousand spectators. Whilst self-catering Spain, you are still able to visit this stadium to watch the gripping spectacle of matadors fighting against raging bulls. Though, if you are more interested in learning about the tradition of the sport rather than watching it, perhaps visit the oldest bullring in Spain in the mountain town of Ronda.

Group activities and family villas in Spain

Family holidays and self-catering holidays really go hand in hand, allowing parents the freedom to make their own routine and the flexibility to adapt to the needs of their children. Tradition really comes alive in Andalusia, making it appealing to people of all ages. Perhaps go on an excursion from your villas in Spain to see a traditional white village like Ronda, which is permeated by a deep gorge spanned by three extremely interesting bridges. A nice photo opportunity is the most famous bridge that was built in the 18th century Puente Nuevo.

Self-catering Spain - Málaga

Málaga, the capital of the province also has several attractions to offer. Visit the the old town of Andalusia, the Moorish palatial fortification of Alcazaba, the Cathedral ‘La Manquita’ and the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. You may even be able to spot the life-size sculpture of him on a bench! In Málaga there is one of the most important Easter processions in Spain, but there are also other events throughout the year. When holidaying in Spain villas in Andalusia, you shouldn’t miss the Ferio de Agosto, the largest festival in the city with processions, bullfights, concerts and fireworks from the second Saturday to the third Sunday in August!