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Slovenia, a small green land between the Alps and the Mediterranean, offers visitors the chance to explore a diverse landscape, enjoy a Mediterranean climate and take in the beautiful views of the Slovenian Adriatic coast during your stay in our holiday accommodation in Slovenia. It makes a great destination for European self-catering holidays for those travelling with children, couples and friends. If visiting the inland area of Slovenia, the so-called sunny side of the Alps you can marvel at stunning mountain views and enjoy a variety of outdoor sports including good skiing. Slovenia is a country of great contrast, making it one of the most unique and memorable Central European holiday destinations - with something to offer everyone.

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Self-catering Slovenia with NOVASOL

Self-catering Slovenia also offers exciting attractions for both children and adults to enjoy. During your stay in our holiday homes in Slovenia, you can explore the authentic villages, towns and cities - all of which have their very own unique and captivating charm. Slovenia is an often overlooked country in Europe, but we at NOVASOL hope to change this and are proud to offer you a great range of holiday accommodation in Slovenia for you to choose from. We are confident that you will find something to fall in love with during your stay; be it the wondrous natural beauty, the Slovenian cuisine or the country's rich history and cultural heritage.

Holiday apartments and villas in Slovenia

This charming Central European holiday destination, which has borders to Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, is filled with areas of natural beauty; with everything from white sandy beaches to typical Alpine landscapes with high mountains. Our self-catering villas and apartments in Slovenia are therefore the perfect choice for those who want a lot of choice and diversity during their holidays. Slovenia has a coastline of approximately. 50 km on the country's southwestern tip, which is very beautiful and characterized by the stunningly blue Adriatic sea. Its size makes it easy to move from your Slovenia accommodation between the different sights and attractions in no time at all!

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Slovenia villas - Slovenian cuisine to sample

The cuisine of Slovenia is not the same across the country and you will find lots of variation the typical food of the each region and area during your stay in one of our self-catering holiday homes in Slovenia. The cuisine of Slovenia can be broken down into lots of different categories, specifically that which was historically eaten by the upper and middle classes - which encompasses influences from the food of neighbouring countries such as Austria - and the so-called 'peasant food' of Slovenia, which was of course eaten by the labouring working classes.

Holiday accommodation Slovenia - Slovenian cuisine

Choosing self-catering accommodation in Slovenia means you will have the chance to sample as many different Slovenian dishes as you wish, whether you are dining out in a restaurant or preparing a meal with authentic local ingredients in the kitchen of your chosen holiday homes in Slovenia. This is just one of the many benefits of self-catering that we are confident you will enjoy. You will find plenty of influence from the Italians, with lots of traditional Italian dishes served with a uniquely Slovenian flair. You will also find lots of meats, goulash and lovely fresh fish in the coastal regions.

Villas in Slovenia

Slovenian cuisine - self-catering holidays

As you will soon discover whilst dining out in local and authentic Slovenian restaurants during your stay in our self-catering Slovenia accommodation, most meals begin with some locally baked bread and regional cheeses. Dairy products feature heavily in the typical cuisine of Slovenia and in keeping with the Slovenian culture, many dishes are based upon what the people would have been able to grow and rear themselves in years gone by and what produce they would have found in the area. Many typical Slovenian dishes are hearty, simple and nutritious - often being cooked in just one pot.