Discover the culture of Norway

Culture is a fascinating and warming part of life in Norway that invites you to discover a wealth of its magical folklore, unique disposition and ties to the land in a variety of ways as you rent holiday homes in Norway. Enjoy pre-historic caves, historic churches, open air museums, and a visit to the Arctic Circle to experience the midnight sun and Northern Lights to name just a few of this country’s exciting attractions. Norwegians value their spare time, and it is often said that Norwegians are born with skis on their feet and a rucksack on their backs. A large part of the population lives in close contact with their natural surroundings and enjoys outdoor activities, so there are plenty of things to do in Norway. This includes going for walks or being active, e.g. on foot, skis, bicycle or by boat.

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Norway's sunny disposition

Norway is a wealthy country with a high standard of living and relatively few social differences, which you will be able to realise when self-catering in Norway. The economy is sound and stable thanks to consistent revenue from oil production over several decades. Sunday is the traditional day for excursions out in the nature. The weather is a national obsession and is being talked about constantly – especially in areas where the weather often changes in the course of the day, such as on the west coast. Even though the sun does not always shine, Norwegians say that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Therefore it is essential that you bring clothes that are warm, waterproof and windproof when you go stay at accommodation in Norway with NOVASOL.

Sports and self-catering in Norway

Norway’s natural beauty and unique landscapes make it an ideal destination for anyone wanting to be totally immersed in nature. Glaciers, fjords, and fjells are well represented here, and are surrounded by crystal clear waters, and exhilarating fresh air, so discover this intrinsic part of Norwegian culture on a fishing, cycling or hiking holiday. Skiing is a top sport, but so is sailing, river rafting, and horseback riding. Sports events seem to be particular important in Norway and thus make up a huge part of the Norwegian lifestyle, which you will find out quickly when renting Norway accommodation. Particularly important are winter sports, which is why there is a national holiday whenever the Winter Olympic Games take place. You will find that many Norwegians enjoy sporting hobbies or follow sports on television.

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Explore Norwegian music on your holidays

Norwegians are a nation with a high level of culture and interests in music - jazz and metal in particular. If you rent a Norwegian cottage in Oslofjord, you can visit the famous Opera House in Oslo or maybe the theatre and concert hall in Kristiansand. Norway is also well-read nation and offers easy access to well-equipped libraries. Jazz and metal music is very popular in Norway. Every year there are several jazz festivals, among others, Molde Jazz Festival or the Polar Jazz, which take place on Spitsbergen, but you can also enjoy blues festivals, festivals of choral music, chamber and folk. In Norway's larger cities, there are also a lot of clubs, e.g. the trendy club Grünnerløkka in Oslo. To be close to these wonderful places, simply book a beautiful holiday home in Norway.

Nordic Cuisine and self-catering Norway

Unsurprisingly, Norway is amazing for seafood, and this makes up a large part of traditional Norwegian cuisine, which you can enjoy at a number of restaurants or at your holiday homes in Norway. Tuck in to a steaming plate of freshly caught Norwegian cod, with its light and flaky texture, served alongside a hearty side of potatoes. Discover a smorgasbord of marinated salmon, gravlax, smoked herring, crab and prawns, served alone or even on an open sandwich, garnished with pickles on rye bread. Meat-lovers will agree that the idea of meatballs, pork chops, comforting stews and roast lamb is very enticing, whilst vegetarians and omnivores alike will relish plentiful salads, local cheese, delicious baked goods and fresh fruit at their holiday lettings in Norway.

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Culture in Norway's cosmopolitan cities

Although the culture of Norway is embedded heavily in the land, traditions and folk tales, there is much to discover in Norway's cosmopolitan hubs in the way of galleries, new Nordic cuisine, trendy bars, guided tours and museums. Rent a holiday letting here and you can enjoy the midnight sun, Northern Lights, glaciers and lakes without being too far from fascinating cities like Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. In the country's capital alone you can visit the Viking Ship Museum, Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet and some of the Norway's best bars and restaurants all in one day! Take a free walking tour, a tour focusing on the history of Norway or a bar crawl around the same city and get a real feel for local culture.

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