Self-catering Norway with NOVASOL

Norway is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in Europe and is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for self-catering holidays in Europe, perhaps because of the fact that this amazing country boasts a unique mix of not only stunning scenery and areas of natural beauty but also a vibrant cultural scene in its capital city of Oslo, areas steeped in Viking history and a totally individual cuisine. We believe that self-catering Norway is the best way to experience the multi-faceted charms of this spectacular country.

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Holiday cottages in Norway - Norwegian cuisine

The Norwegian cuisine is greatly influenced by the traditional diet of fishermen and farmers, which has remained largely unchanged for centuries. As a result of the large areas of untouched nature in Norway, there is no shortage of organic produce and - as you will find when staying in one of our holiday cottages in Norway - a lot of it comes from no more than a few miles away. Fish, meat, cereals and dairy products form the staples of the typical Norwegian diet and there is a great emphasis placed on freshness and natural products.

Nutritious and delicious - Norwegian food

The climate and the clean air are ideal conditions to grow many fruits, berries, vegetables and grains. Why not take part in a typically Scandinavian past-time and go out berry-picking in the areas surrounding your countryside holiday homes in Norway? Influenced by the 'hunter gather' culture of Norway you will find that meats such as wild elk and reindeer. Norwegian lamb is often eaten in Norway on celebration days. For example, Pinnekjot is one of the many dishes that make up a traditional Norwegian Christmas meal; succulent ribs of lamb, often served with swede mash and a dollop of Ligonberry jam.

Norway accommodation

Norwegian specialities - self-catering Norway

During your self-catering holidays in Norway you will find many different types of bread, freshly baked everyday, often served with toppings as a kind of 'open sandwich'. Try the Norwegian speciality of 'Lefse'; a soft potato-based bread, during your self-catering in Norway. We would also suggest trying Brunost, a caramelized whey cheese or Gamalost and Pultost; which are definitely an acquired taste but popular none the less! Norway is the home of many delicacies, but the most well-known must be the fantastic smoked-salmon; arguably the most important contribution to international cuisine and must-try when in Norway accommodation.

Self-catering holidays in Norway - Norwegian culinary delights

You will see many well-known dishes can trace their origins back through the Norwegian history. Norway has a long sea-faring tradition, which dates back to the Viking Age; so naturally fish is a mainstay of the Norwegian cuisine. You will come across many fish dishes in just about every restaurant when staying in self-catering accommodation Norway, but particularly in coastal areas. We can thank the clean Norwegian water for the abundance of fresh fish and great fishing. Cod, often lightly poached, is very popular but there are plenty of others to choose from. There are also lots of delicious meat dishes to try whilst self-catering Norway. Meats are often delicately braised or feature in warming winter stews accompanied by seasonal sides.

Norwegian cuisine

Escape to our holiday homes in Norway

The Norwegians love coffee; in fact they are the second largest consumers of coffee in the world! It actually plays an important role in the culture of Norway and it is common practice to have people over to your home to enjoy black coffee and desserts in the afternoons. If you have been out berry picking and come across the much-loved Cloudberry you could prepare a simple dessert in the kitchen of your holiday homes in Norway, by simply adding some fresh whipped cream to your cloudberries. Norway also has some great traditionally brewed beer, perfect for sipping on your terrace at the end of the day.