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Welcome to Norway with its untouched nature, vast forests, fjords, mountains and a spectacular and very long coastline. Here, you can travel the fjords and lakes, go hiking in the woods and mountains or simply relax on the terrace of your private accommodation in Norway. Don't miss out on delicious culinary specialties like Norwegian salmon and local vodka! When you visit beautiful green Norway treat yourself to a stay in a well-functioning holiday home. Many of our lets are located in pristine nature areas which are peaceful, clean, and extremely beautiful. Forests are well maintained, and it is possible to see a wide variety of local wildlife or even to take part in fishing holidays in Norway.

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Rent holiday lettings on Norway's Constitution Day

17th May is Norway's Constitution Day, where Norwegians fill the streets with traditional music and proudly wave their flag in celebration of Norway's constitution, adopted in 1814. It is a great day for the whole family, especially for children where culture in Norway is enjoyed by all. Everybody wears the colours of the Norwegian flag or the national dress, the bunad. The day is celebrated in the whole country, from the biggest cities to the smallest villages. Dressed in their best, the children engage in games and activities, and for the foodies looking to rent holiday cottages in Norway on this day of the year the supply of ice cream and hot dogs is endless.

Family holiday fun in Norway

Kongeparken in Rogaland is a great experience for the whole family. Rent a Norwegian cottage in Rogaland and see there are wonderful attractions for children and adults alike. Whether you like an adrenaline rush, hot chocolate or petting animals in the zoo, you will find something to do here. Rogaland is not the only location for family holiday homes in Norway - The Atlantic Sea-Park near Ålesund is beautifully situated along the oceanfront at Tueneset and represents one of the largest aquariums in Europe. The park contains 4,000 m2 of public and exhibition space, in addition to 6,000 m2 of coastal scenery with fishing stands, hiking trails, bathing sites and outstanding dive sites.

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Visit The Hedmark Museum and Hamar Cathedral

The Hedmark Museum and Hamar Cathedral present Norwegian history from the early Middle Ages until today. The ruins are what remains of the old Hamar cathedral, upon which construction began in 1152, and which was completed in 1200. An impressive steel and glass cover was erected in 1998 to protect the ruins of cathedral. Rent a Norwegian holiday home in the Highlands and discover the ruins are a magnificent arena for church services, concerts and plays. In the 17th century a large barn was erected on the ruins of a medieval bishop's residence at Hamar in Norway. Discover from your Norway accommodation that today it has been transformed into a historical museum, Storhamarlåven.

Hanseatic Museum in Bergen - Self-catering Norway

The Hanseatic Museum is situated in one of the old trade houses at Bryggen and has become a worthwhile attraction for those renting holiday cottages in Norway. The museum has old interiors from the 18th and 19th centuries and is one of the best maintained buildings in the city that you can see from your Norway holiday homes. The museum gives an excellent impression of the interior of a Hanseatic merchant's establishment with displays of weapons, domestic furnishings and equipment, mostly dating from the last days of the counting-house. The Hanseatic League was an alliance of trading guilds that established and maintained a trade monopoly along the coast of Northern Europe, from the Baltic to the North Sea, during the Late Middle Ages and Early modern period (13th–17th centuries).

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Vist the Canning Museum

The Canning Museum is located in the premises of the former canning factory in a part of the city known as 'Gamle Stavanger' (Old Stavanger). From the 1890s to approximately 1960, the canning industry was Stavanger's most significant trade. The exhibition provides insight into the environment and the working conditions of the canning factories whilst you take holidays in our coastal cottages. The complete process, from the arrival of the fresh fish until the cans leave the factory, can be seen in detail. The city surroundings are also particularly attractive, so if you would like to explore the rest of the area, you should definitely consider self-catering in Norway on your next holiday.


Hardanger Folk Museum

Hardanger Folk Museum in Utne has various exhibitions highlighting fascinating elements of the country's customs, craftwork and past of the people. Permanent exhibitions and many well-known Norwegian paintings and art works are on display, making this a great opportunity for those interested in learning about the culture and history of Norway. There is also a café where you can sit down and relax on your self-catering holidays. Skredhaugen is an open-air museum in Lofthus and is part of the Folk Museum presenting buildings and homes from the Middle Ages.

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Service – Why NOVASOL?

At NOVASOL, our holiday homes in Norway can be rented in most parts of the country. Many of our winter chalets in Norway are located close by skiing areas, which are good for beginners and advanced skiers and snowboarders. Many of our customers rent holiday homes in Norway to take advantage of great ski opportunities. Then they return in summer for a bit of fresh air, terrific sport fishing, wilderness hikes, mountain biking, sailing the fjords, and so much more.