Experience the Dutch cuisine whilst self-catering in Holland

The Netherlands has numerous typical culinary delights for you to sample during your self-catering holiday in Holland. In order to have a traditional Dutch experience we would suggest sampling as many of the authentic and delicious dishes on offer whilst staying in one of our holiday homes in Holland; which range from Utrecht apartments to Dutch holiday cottages by the sea. Holland is now considered an excellent choice as a destination for self-catering holidays in Central Europe for 'foodies'. This must be at least in part due to the tremendous variety and abundance of fresh produce that Holland is home to. Why not visit a market or farm shop to pick up some ingredients for a home-cooked meal whilst staying in one of our holiday cottages in Holland.

Holiday homes in Holland

Typical dishes to try whilst self-catering Holland

All over The Netherlands there is a wealth of delicacies just waiting for you to try during your stay in our holiday lettings in Holland. One of the most famous would have to be 'Stamppot' - literally meaning 'mash pot' it is mash potato mixed with vegetables of your choosing; often things like kale, swede or carrot. Whilst on a self-catering holiday in Holland you will find that this is traditionally served with Rookwurst; a smoked sausage which consists of ground meat and spices. Appeltaart, the deliciously moreish Dutch version of apple pie is also a firm favourite.

Authentic Dutch dishes - holiday lets Holland

Another dish which is well worth a try during your time staying in our holiday homes in Holland is the typical bar-snack of Bitterballen; savoury, bread crumbed and deep-fried delicious little meatballs! A dish which may be usual to us but which is quite typical is Haring (herring), which is traditionally eaten raw. If one wants to be totally authentic you simply tip your head back and bite upwards on the fish - give it a go for a true taste of Holland whilst you relax in one of our many Dutch Holiday cottages!

Food Culture in Holland - holiday homes in Holland

There are many aspects of food culture to discover whilst self-catering in Holland, many of which are unique to the Netherlands. For example; why not enjoy a Koffie Verkeerd - literally translated as a 'wrong coffee' due to its large proportion of milk to espresso - on a lazy afternoon in a cosy cafe? Why not test out the sweet speciality of ‘Hagelslag’, or sprinkles as we would call them, during your stay in our holiday cottages in Holland? They are eaten on bread with butter for a breakfast treat in Holland as opposed to on top of desserts.

Food Culture in Holland - holiday homes in Holland

As you will find in many countries, food plays an important role in the culture of Holland and the traditions which surround the cuisine help to keep that culture alive! Around the time of Sinterklaas, which is the Dutch celebration of Saint Nicholas in early December - you will more than likely come across 'Chocoladeletter' - literally chocolate letters. If travelling around this time these would make the perfect gift to take home to someone after your holiday self-catering Holland. They are given and received as gifts with the letter symbolising the first letter of that person's name.

Self-catering holidays in Holland - Modern Dutch cuisine

These days, there are many restaurants for your to enjoy during you self-catering holiday in the Netherlands; many of them are right on the cutting-edge of modern European cuisine. In fact, Dutch restaurants now hold over 100 Michelin Stars; which puts them in the top 5 in the world! The freedom and flexibility of self-catering holidays in Europe means you can sample as many or as few of traditional and modern Dutch restaurants as you want - so you can ensure that you are getting a true taste of Holland!