Discover our holiday homes in Holland

Holland is a diverse and fascinating destination with lots of attractions and things to do for young and old. Whether you want to stay in Holland for a weekend break or a couple of weeks, Holland is always worth a visit. Whilst you are spending your holiday in one of our beautiful holiday homes in Holland, there are plenty of things to do and probably even many events going on, on which you shouldn't miss out. NOVASOL recommends looking up all events and festivals beforehand, so you are well-informed about them when self-catering in Holland. Please have a look at some of our recommendations below to make the most out of your holiday.

City breaks in Holland

Amsterdam is the place for grand canal tours, and you will see a multitude of terrific sites along the waterfront. Another fun way to sightsee is by bicycle, which can be rented around town. Older children may enjoy a cycle tour through the Medieval “Hanseatic towns” located along important waterways. The capital is located in easy reach of our holiday homes in Holland. It is also worth visiting the city of Maastricht, which is located around 220 km south of Amsterdam. Here you can find out more about Holland's history and culture – likewise if you book accommodation in Utrecht, which has a host of museums, monuments and medieval treasures.

Enjoy National holidays

Every year on 30th April, the Queen’s birthday is celebrated all over the country. It is a great event celebrating the birthday of Queen Juliana, and not the one of the reigning Queen Beatrix as many people believe. Throughout Holland, different types of festivals and events are organised, which are great fun for both young and old and are a real gem of culture in Holland. The colour orange plays a major role during these celebrations and can be seen everywhere on special days. On 5th May, the National Liberation Day or Bevrijdingsdag is celebrated. Everywhere in Holland, different activities from markets to concerts are usually organised.

Discover the land of tulips

Of course, Holland is well known for its beautiful tulips that can be found around your holiday lettings in an array of colours and types all across the country. A much celebrated emblem of Holland, tulips and flowers even have their own dedicated festival from April to September each year, where you can experience popular flower parades all over the country. The parades consist of floats decorated with the most wonderful flower arrangements in a variety of combinations and designs. Should you take your self-catering holidays in Holland during the summer, why not decorate your cottage or villa with some beautiful Dutch flowers?

Visit the Cheese Market in Alkmaar

Since 1939, Alkmaar is the only city in Holland, where cheese is still sold in the traditional way in a cheese market. Every year from the 1st Friday of April to the 1st Friday in September from 10am to 12.30pm the cheese market in the Waagplein (market place) is open to the public. Every year approximately 300,000 people visit this market in Alkmaar and take great pleasure in this wonderful tradition. Many of our holiday lettings in North Holland are located close to Alkmaar, so why not buy some cheese there shortly after your arrival and enjoy it throughout your self-catering holiday?

Theme parks and zoos

Everyone can appreciate the many amusement parks, and world-class zoos like the Apenheul, where you will have a pretty good chance of finding a monkey on your shoulder as you walk through woods where monkeys roam free. Zaanse Schans is a unique habitat and work area with museums, mills, craftsmanship shops, restaurants, an active workshop and possibilities for tours on your family holidays. You will be able to experience first-hand how the Zaan area was in the 17th and 18th century. Zaanse Schans is absolutely one of the Holland’s main attractions. There is free entrance and you can go there throughout the year from your holiday cottages in Holland.

Neeltje Jans

We highly recommend to visit the theme park Neeltje Jans whilst self-catering in Holland. You are sure that you will enjoy the combination of sun, sea, nature, culture and art in the beautiful theme park par excellence near our holiday lettings in Zeeland. Take advantage of this opportunity, especially if you are spending a family holiday there. You will be impressed by the great storm surge barrier inside, which is also visible from the outside. Your children will learn more about the gigantic Delta Works project, but there are also many other things to do there. The park is open from late March to early November from 10am to 5.30pm and the admission is approximately EUR 15.

Service - Why NOVASOL?

Spend your next holiday in one of our holiday homes in Holland and choose among our great variety of cottages, apartments and villas. NOVASOL is the European leader in holiday rentals and our properties in Holland are so easy to reach from the UK. Over almost 50 years we have learned quite a lot about what people want when they go on holiday. As industry leaders we use that knowledge to provide our customers with the very best service, and quality. Many of our holiday rentals in Holland are rated between three stars and five stars, with five stars being our most luxurious. No matter which you select, you will find them all to be comfortable, well maintained, and located in attractive surroundings. Book yourself the holiday rental of your choice, or contact one of our assistants for help.