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Discover the history of Montenegro during your stay in one of our carefully selected self-catering European holiday homes in the fascinating country of Montenegro. The earliest period of Montenegrin history can be traced back to the Paleolithic: the first human traces. This is confirmed by the archaeological site of Crvena Stijena which you can visit from your holiday homes in Montenegro. We can see that in the 5th - 2nd century BC: the first known ethnic group are Illyrian tribes. Part of Montenegro is under the rule of the Roman Empire and during this time several urban settlements were built around the former Illyrian settlements: Doklea, Municipium S, Meteon, Budva, Ulcinj, Risan and others.

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Many of these sites are well-preserved and make for a great day trip during you self-catering holidays in Montenegro when staying in our holiday villas or apartments to rent in Montenegro. After the collapse of the great Roman Empire, Byzantine rulers took possession of this territory. The Slavs appear in Montenegro in the middle of the 6th century and of course leave their mark on the Montenegrin culture. After several centuries of the ethnic assimilation of numerous Christianized Slavs with the old-established population, the nucleus of the first state organization at the head of which was Prince Peter was established and was known under the name of Duklja.

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Learn more about the history and historical sites of Montenegro during your next self-catering holidays in Europe. Montenegro really is the destination which has it all. When you decide to spend your getaway in our Montenegro accommodation, you will have the chance to learn about a unique history, immerse yourself in rich cultural traditions and indulge in a fantastic cuisine - all the while being surrounded by the beautiful scenery! You will also have plenty of opportunity to try some outdoor activities or simply relax on one of the many beautiful beaches of Montenegro along the crystal clear Adriatic.

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There are many interesting periods of Montenegrin history waiting to be discovered whilst self-catering Montenegro. Duklja, with the respected ruling family of Vojislavljević and its own church organization, exists until the end of the 12th century. Then its territory is conquered by the Serbian ruling family of Nemanjiæ. A century-long struggle is being waged for control of Montenegro - by the 14th century, the Ventians have taken control of large areas; hence why we see such strong Italian influences on the cuisine of Montenegro as well as the architecture you will see during your stay in our Montenegro villas in the beautiful towns and cities.

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During this period of the history of Montenegro, the rest of the country was controlled by the Ottomans, who left plenty of traces in both the cuisine and Montenegrin culture, which you can still see when self-catering Montenegro today. After gaining independence for the first time under the rule of Nikola I, Montenegro would face terrible times ahead during the Second World War and the subsequent rise of Communism. It was these hardships however that helped to shape Montenegro into the diverse and unique place that it is today and left behind so much for you to discover during your stay in our options for Montenegro accommodation.

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Finally, on the 21st May 2006, after the ethnic-war between Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and other surrounding countries ends, a majority decision of its citizens Montenegro restores Montenegro's independence and it becomes an internationally recognized state. From then until now Montenegro has focussed on rebuilding itself as a destination for tourists for their self-catering holidays in Europe as well as hugely improving its infrastructure and economy. Learn more about the recent periods of the history of Montenegro whilst renting out our holiday lettings in Montenegro for your next self-catering getaway.