Montenegrin culture

During your holidays in Montenegro active travellers, beach and nature lovers as well as those with an interest in cultural attractions and history will all find something which suits their tastes when you choose to spend your self-catering holidays in our holiday villas in Montenegro or apartments to rent in Montenegro. The varied and beautiful coastline invites you to unwind in secluded coves and in crystal clear waters, however there is also plenty in the way of cultural offerings and opportunities for you to enjoy during your stay in our Montenegro accommodation. Montenegro's extensive cultural heritage includes many traditional Montenegrin celebrations, folk festivals and carnivals.

Culture in Montenegro - self-catering Montenegro villas

A stay in our holiday accommodation in Montenegro will give you the chance to see every side of this unique and charming country during your holiday that has it all! The heritage of the various cultures that have called Montenegro home has been reflected in architecture, monuments, monasteries, churches, mosques, mausoleums and archaeological finds of Montenegro - so there will be plenty to discover during your stay in any one of our holiday homes in Montenegro! Explore the well-preserved medieval towns and cities, taking in the architecture or visiting some of the cultural sites; including some of the beautiful churches in order to gain some insight into the culture of Montenegro.

Montenegrin culture - authentic villas Montenegro

As a result of Montenegro's geographical location; Montenegro has a diverse and infinitely fascinating culture for you to experience whilst renting one of our hand-picked self-catering holiday homes located in the beautiful country of Montenegro. This diversity is reflected in the number of different ethnicities in the country, and so the various different beliefs and traditions upheld by the people of Montenegro. You will also find a fantastic range and diversity in the Montenegrin cuisine, which varies from region to region as well as the Montenegro folkloric traditions which date back centuries and have their roots in the days of the different tribes!

Cultural offerings to discover in Montenegro

Many of the cultural events and special traditions that take place throughout the year in Montenegro are based on religion, the beloved folklore of Montenegro and the changing of the seasons. Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to experience a variety of festivals, events and celebrations during your self-catering holidays in Montenegro. Why not experience one of these wonderful festivals or events whilst staying in one of our holiday homes in Montenegro, they are sure to make for memorable experiences and the perfect way to learn more about the Montenegrin way of life.

Experiences and events - self-catering Montenegro

Arguably the two most popular cultural celebrations of Montenegro are the Kotor Carnival and the Mimosa Festival. The Kotor Carnival, which takes place every February, and during which time children and adults alike put on masquerade face-masks and can enjoy various traditional shows, fireworks and parades. The Mimosa Festival is another charming Montenegrin tradition which heralds the start of spring with the blooming of the mimosa. The festival holds a special place in the history of Montenegro and make for the perfect opportunity to take some photographs and create lasting memories whilst self-catering in Montenegro villas.

Cultural attractions in Montenegro - villas

During the Summer Music Festival of Montenegro which is held in Budva, you can enjoy beautiful music in the open squares of the Old Town. It is a truly wonderful experience which we would highly recommend whilst self-catering in Montenegro. The Perast Music Festival also draws large numbers of holidaymakers in search of great music and a convivial atmosphere during their European self-catering holidays in Montenegro. The Montenegrin people have a love of music, dance, poetry and for the folklore and religious traditions of their homeland - all of these elements combine to make up the beguiling Montenegrin culture.