Self-catering Luxembourg accommodation

Luxembourg is a great choice of Central European holiday destination for anyone who is looking for a relaxing break in beautiful surroundings, but who also wants the opportunity to visit some interesting historical sites, great cultural attractions and get to know some charming towns and cities. Even though Luxembourg is small, should you decide to spend your next self-catering European holidays in on of our hand-picked options for Luxembourg accommodation that there is so much to see and do! Luxembourg is a small country bordered by Belgium, France and Germany and is home to a long and rich history; filled with lots of cultural traditions and heritage that you can experience first-hand whilst renting out our holiday homes in Luxembourg.

Discover Luxembourg - self-catering accommodation

Luxembourg is a popular holiday destination for both short European cultural escapes and longer relaxing holidays; this is testament to the country's amazing diversity and the fact that there is something on offer for all types of holiday makers, from families with children who wish to explore the fairytale castles to couple hoping for romantic city breaks and everything in between! When you find your ideal Luxembourg holiday homes with NOVASOL, you can explore the many treasures of Luxembourg at your own pace.

History of Luxembourg - self-catering holidays

By choosing to spend your next holiday in our Luxembourg accommodation you will have ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique Luxembourgish culture, as well as learning about the long and rich history of Luxembourg. The country, particularly in the capital city (also called Luxembourg!) is filled with museums, art galleries and important historical monuments - any of which will make for a great day out for those interested in history during their self-catering Luxembourg holidays.

Luxembourgish history - charming villages to explore

By choosing self-catering holiday accommodation in Luxembourg by NOVASOL, you can be sure that you are able to explore and experience all of the many things that this wonderful country has to offer and your own pace. This is just one of the many benefits of self-catering holidays. Learn more about the history of Luxembourg by visiting some of the charming villages which are dotted around; wandering through the winding cobbled laneways is an enchanting experience for children and adults - perfect for self-catering family holidays in Luxembourg and really does make one feel as though they have been transported back in time.

Historical sites and monuments in Luxembourg

The capital city of Luxembourg is one big UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to an abundance of history and culture in form of numerous castles, palaces and museums. There are many different historical monuments for you to visit in order to gain insight in to the Luxembourgish history during your stay in our holiday homes and Luxembourg apartments. Among our top recommendations would be the stunning town of Clervaux in the North; with its fairy-tale castle and streets filled with history it is a great option for a family day out.

Memorable monuments – history of Luxembourg

For a glimpse into the Luxembourg of the past during your stay in our Luxembourg accommodation; visit the Lambert Redoubt - one of the only remaining structures from the original fortifications of the City of Luxembourg. Also worth a visit during your stay in Luxembourg apartments is the thought provoking site of 'Gelle Fra', or the Monument of Remembrance in honour of those who served in WWI. Luxembourg has seen some turbulent times throughout its history, which have shaped the country today. The national motto of Luxembourg is the phrase we want to remain what we are, which comes from the near obliteration of Luxembourg in WWI and II.